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6 Months Later :: essays research papers

6 Months LaterNow that Lennie is step up of the way, I guess that I discount actually do somethingwith my life. But, Its been 6 months since leaving the farm and I still donthave a job. Oh, heres a sign. A mentally handicapped hospital needs anat raceant. I can do that, and it pays well too. $ one hundred fifty a month. "At that rate,Ill be commensurate to get that land soon enough. Aint that decently," I asked Candy? "Wesure are," he replied with enthusiasm. As we stepped into the complex, the firstthing I saw was the reception desk with a young, pretty, receptionist sittingbehind the desk, polishing her nails. Lennie would have enjoyed watching her Ipondered. She asked us what we wanted, and I told her that we were yet here tofind out bout the job. After getting a quick everyplaceview and job description, Iwas ready to work right away. Candy was also lucky enough to get hired as anurse for $100 a month. I stepped into the bedroom and I saw about 25 kidssitti ng around a old man, listening to a story. As I stepped in, thestory teller stepped over to me and told me what I had to do. Educate them andtalk to them. That was it. I was getting paid $150 just to teach a group ofhandicapped kids. I sit down down next to the story teller, Bob, and I looked aroundand carefully observe them. As I did this, I could see Lennies face flashingin my mind. What was happening to me. Why couldnt he just leave me alone. Isurvived through my first day of work, reluctantly. The hospital also providedhousing. That night, I had the most august dream of my life. I could seeLennie petting hundreds of rabbits, one at a time. But he was crying andscreaming in rage. The rabbits were dying. "George, why do they die? Dont letthem die George, please. Can I still tend the rabbits? I know I done a badthing," exclaimed Lennie. I got up, screaming. "Lennie, please leave me alone,please," I asked. It was silent. Nobody was awake. I looked like a complet enut with all those kids, including Candy, staring at me. Candy just went back tosleep. He was the only one that could understand the pain that I was goingthrough. This happened to me several nights after the first nightmare. Each onewould comprise of rabbits, lots of them, and Lennie.

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Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll: American Youth Challenge Sexual Stereotypes

During the mid-twenties, some Americansespeci both(prenominal)y young college studentsch eachenged traditional notions of proper demeanor. back up by the decades prosperity, young hoi polloi threw situationies, drank illegal pot liquor, and danced new, versedly suggestive steps at bed clubs. The 1920s saw a restless coating, spearheaded by Americas spring chicken rebelling over against the moral restrictions of quondam(prenominal) generations.After decades where a children forthwith married and entered adulthood the 1920s saw an return of a new group of people who were willing to push friendly norms, rebel against strict button-d admit determine of their parents and shape ethnicly a relatively new society. The emergence of a spring chicken culture was doable because of the rapid growth of sex, drugs and rock and bowl a time where cautious ideologies were imposed on liberal minds and a new rebellious youthfulness society was born.The Sex The flapper, one of the symbols of the 1920s, a new term apply to describe a new group of young women who wore excessive makeup, drank, toughened sex in a causal manner, smoke, drove automobiles and amongst incessantlyything discarded sociable and sexual norms. The typical flapper look was tomboyish and flamboyant short bobbed sensory hair knee-length, fringed skirts, draping necklaces and rol conduct stockings (Meyerowitz, 1275). The flappers behaviour was considered outlandish at the time, as it redefined womens roles in society.These women began working inter subject field of the home, thus ch bothenging womens traditional societal roles they advocated for womens rights and behaved in umpteen circumstances standardized men. Although few women actually fit this image, it was used widely in news media and advertising to represent the rebelliousness of the period. The flapper was portrayed in many Hollywood films and this new mugwump women take in chargeed to empower other women to do the same. The accession of flappers into daily life story through media allowed for Americans to be introduced to more liberal shipway of thinking which allowed for the beginnings of the sexual revolution.Although all women were drawn to the rebellious ways of the flapper, many young urbanized women clung on to this new style of dress and behaviour and further questioned American mixer norms close sex and the role of women outside of the home. In addition with new social thinking and activities came new social conventions. Most prominently among the youth of the 1920s, sex became far less verboten than it had been previously. The sexual revolution was a social outlook that challenged traditional codes of deportment which related to sexual activity and traffichips between women and men.This revolution took place throughout the occidental world especially in the United States from the 1920s until the mid 1970s. legion(predicate) of the mixtures brought about through the sexual rev olution developed into new mainstream codes of sexual behavior. More and more of Americas youth both males and females alike were adopting these new sexual norms which were depicted in films and advertisements, this led to an increase in pre-marital sex and the founding of casual dating into society.This increase in sex amongst non-married youth led naturally to the promotion of birth manipulate, source gear with the condom, and secondly the birth control pill introduced in 1960 which allowed for women for the first time to choose if and when they wanted to let mothers (Tice, 153). These new methods of birth control brought with it changing ideas about women female sexuality was less suppressed, skirt hems were worn higher(prenominal), and makeup became more common.This change from a more conservative representation of women and men into a more dismal depiction demonstrates a change in a societal and cultural outlook of what is acceptable. Jumping on this new more liberated ba ndwagon many companies depicted the new social norms in their advertisements Sex was more openly discussed and pre-marital sex more common these new less traditional ideas about sex and sexual relationships was traveling fast across America to oftentimes dismay of the older more conservative generation.The TV, a device of butt end communication a foresightful with other media outlets such as radios and magazines could vent schooling in a matter of seconds to millions of people this large audience was broadcast ideas which transformed into social norms such as consumerism and sexual liberation. Sex and pre-marital relations were demonstrated in films, advertisements and talked about on the radio. People across the state were being introduced to these new less conservative ideas and a growing youth universe was adopting these new values.Appendix A (a coke add from the 1030s) demonstrates the change in the way that women were portrayed in advertisements. The female character on t he remaining from 1886 where she is fully clothed and proper, whereas the female character on the right from 1936, totally 50 years later is dressed in only a bathing suit and is revealing much more skin. These advertisements demonstrated the change in society, through only 50 years what Americans deemed acceptable changed drastically and this is largely due to the sexual revolution started in part by Americas youth. The DrugsProhibition in the United States was a national ban, which made it illegal to manufacture, sell, or transport alcoholic beverages, went into effect from 1920 to 1933. Enforcement of prohibition, however, was sporadic, blue the stairs funded and faced opposition in many northern states and cities. Bootleggers smuggled liquor from the West Indies and Canada, while saloons in every city provided alcohol illegally. create crime controlled the distribution of alcohol in major American cities, and gangsters such as Al Capone made a fortune while faithfulness en forcement officials often looked the other way.Capones in flummox in 1927 was reportedly over $1 million, while the average Americans income was below $2,500 (Harding, 1275-1276). Once again the more liberal minds of American youth along with many northerners who were apposed to this amendment refused to remain by these laws. Many southerners believed that the only behaviour associated with alcohol was mischief, fighting, gambling, and pre-marital sexual relations. The 1920s saw a growth of ordinary recreation, in part because of higher wages and increased leisure time.Mass circulation magazines like Readers digest and Time because hugely successful, radio rose in prominence as a reference point of news and entertainment, movies were an immensely popular leisure activity that children youths and adults alike all participated in and they all promoted the consumption of alcohol and tobacco (Glantz, 321). The ban on alcohol in America was lifted in part to attempt to restore econom ic prosperity during the great depression and in part to satisfy the desires of many liberal thinkers, northerners and youth who possessed a throw out for these constitutional amendments.By the mid 1950s, when the consumption of alcohol was less taboo in the American society even Coca-Cola ads incorporated the use of their product with the change and consumption of alcohol. Appendix B (coke add from the 1960s) demonstrates the willingness of Coca-Cola advertisers to associate their product with merchandise wines, and in later years Coca-Cola adds were associated with hard liquor stating that their product was compatible. The Rock & Roll The 1920s marked amazing changes to the already booming harmony industry, the introduction of the phonograph.This instrument allowed the distribution of music to consort much more freely, surpassing sales of both piano rolls and saddlery music put to larnher. The decade also marked the dawning of independent record labels which would in the latter part of the century spawn its own genre of music known as Indy. The two most popular form of music at the time was a typical ballroom style the bland boring song of yesteryear, but then a sound was heard by the masses of which they never heard, it came booming from the bayou of a New Orleans and it was called jazz.Upon its first introduction to the masses jazz was a commercial success until the public found out that it was typically scripted and performed by African American artists. Louis Armstrong, Bessie Smith, and Duke Ellington all well known African American jazz artists preformed their up chafe melodies over the radio and in venial bars giving a voice to African American culture and struggles (Aabery, 17). In and era of which racism was still rampant it was very problematic for the adult public to accept the music not for what it was but for who performed it.Alas it came down to Americas youth who finding jazz was similar in theory to their parents ballroom but wit h a more upbeat beat which encouraged dancing , the teens rebelled against their parents clear cut bigot beliefs and began trying to it giving jazz its straightforward introduction into American homes in the late twenties. This was not the stomach time that teenage rebellion would give birth to new music trends . The 1960s could easily be considered a time where rock and roll was really born.The 1960s bred an era of conformity men wore 3 temporary hookup suits day and night, women were stay at home mothers whos place was in the kitchen and children were to abide my their parents wishes to the letter. A booming economy and a booming population the United States all was well though they were completely unaware that in that respect was a pending invasion from Britain which would change their country in ways they could never imagine. The British Invasion began in late 1962 introducing a true rock band to American youths, The Beetles. outlaw from their own countrys airwaves by their government the Beetles music debuted in the United States in the summer of 1962 igniting teens with a passion in which the likes would never be externalizen again. Banned in its own country and almost immediately band from every home by its adult occupants it was at first difficult to listen to until several business would play rock music in their stores to tie younger peoples business . Establishments like Malt Shoppes became places of congregation for teenagers looking to get a taste of their favorite drink and a bit of frank old rock and roll.Soon the fandom of Americas youth became hysterical lines of screaming fans would wait all day to get a glimpse of their favorite bands, young women scant(p) and fainting at the mere sight of their idols who were in their parents minds the least reputable characters to ever look up to, they didnt cut their hair, the wore strange clothes and utter all to freely, traits which soon would be inherent in the majority of all American teens. This Also Gave birth the idea of free thinking teens who for the first time picked up an instrument and began to play because it was deemed cool by the media, who rebelled not only against their parents particular views but the law, sit ins in parks, walk outs in schools and riots in the streets were just the beginning of what appeared to be a very long decade, until finally it all came to a boiling point in the third-year year of the 1960s.Until finally in 1969 it all boiled over on a 600 acre dairy farm in the town of Bethl, New York, Thousands of people flocked to see all of their favourite rock bands perform at what would come to be known as Woodstock, a festival that united for the first time in the history of the country people of every race, color, and gender all in one place for a single purpose, an impression that would not be seen for nearly another 30 years (Pompper et Al, 276-279).Showing truly the power of individuality which the youth of America possessed to not bel ong but thrive in a sea of conformity of which their parents had built around them proving to the world that it could be changed. You would hardly be able to see a Coca-Cola add after the mid 1940s which was not directly advertised towards American youth. It was geared towards the new generation, full of liberal values and ideas of consumerism they were for the first time in the history of America the haves as foreign to the have nots.Coca-Cola ads featured American heros such as baseball star Babe Ruth or boxer horseshit Dempsey. Coca-Cola ads demonstrate the progression of many things throughout American life in the 20th century however evident is the transformation from a conservative adult run society to a more liberal youth orientated one. The introduction of sex, drugs and rock and roll into the American way of life by youths throughout the 2oth century has redefined social and sexual norms.

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Five Years Strategic Plan Essay

Executive summaryYou are employed by a Swiss underling of a transnational comp whatever in the sufficeed fare pipeline whose products are sold via retailers and direct to the sustenance service industry in a number of countries. Recently in Swiss subsidiary has been allocated responsibility for the Asia-Pacific Region and you ease up been assigned the business of spearheading the theaters push into china and beside countries. In the short of opportunities and constraints to be awaited on the Chinese provenderstuff, the evaluation of alternative intro options showed that our best opportunity was on health food products related to the dairy products actual tummyive trend.We also unyielding to adress Chinese cultural aesthesia issues by entering in want term close family with guests instead of existence too foc utilizationd on quick deals and to alter our net employing outline to chosen penetration strategy.We also examined how we should select a strategical alalal partner, should the Chinese government advise us to do so, and how we should be adapting our ball-shaped merchandising processes to the issues raised by national sovereignty in mainland chinaware.Finally, we decided to include as neighboring(a) foodstuff both Thailand or Vietnam in coiffure to benefit from the existing portion out kindred surrounded by them and mainland mainland china, level off if counter disdain obligations are to be met.INTRODUCTION The overall purpose of this paper is to present our quint years strategic plan which impersonal is to enable our firm to locomote a major player in the processed food mart adressed to retailers and food service industry.Among our genuinely wide orbital cavity of products, we impart examine alternative grocery entry options in the light of capability opportunity and constraints, then examine the question of the influence of cultural sensitiveness on negociations and on introduction of our product to Chineses grocery store. The next step of our outline forget be to examine the impact of adhesion of chinaware to WTO on market environment and the consequences of cultural sensitivity to earnings and births.Our next orbit of investigation will be to examine the threat represented by a potential obligation to enter a strategic adhesiveness with a local player and by our planetary company hus criminalisedry regarding national sovereignty issues. And we will ultimately include perspective of developping an neighboring market with eventually compulsory counter plenty involved. scratch 1Alternative chinese market entry option for breakfast cereals and cereal bars in the light of potential opportunities and constraints.The recent grand success of dairy products in mainland China, although a majority of the universe is lactose intolerant and milk was neer part of the traditional chinese food is showing that chinese market has become increasingly open to takeing impertinent fooding habits. This is even reinforced by the success encoutered by Mc Donalds and Starbucks. But one very interesting element of dairy products success is that its main reason and merchandising idea is to value its good impact on health. This is what gear ups us say that the best way to preface our firms product appreciation is to be highly positionned on health benefits to be awaited from eat our products, their total safety by high level controls.In damage of politics, China is a stable country, which has invested large efforts into modernisation of its institutions and legitimate modelling in modulate to enter the World Trade Organisation (WTO) in 2001. Contract enforcement and business matters involving foreigners are to be brought before high courts specifically trained. Intellectual property protection is mum a broad chore done counterfaiting and shuffles like Starbucks are now facing parasite competitors who grass similar products to much lower impairments.Chinese market is a huge opportunity still the country still lacks infrastructure and geographic entry has to be limited to main big cities, with a view of extending to the ever so increasing number of middle sized cities growing all about the country. The idea of staying in urban areas is linked to two factors our products are distri justed by retailers networks, and food service industry which can only be ground in big cities in China at the moment.As we work with retailers and food service industry, indirect market entry strategy done intermediator could prove worthy, at least at the beginning, as farsighted as our products are non known. We could benefit from the intermediarys network and his expertise on selling foreign products to chinese market.However, using and intermediary is non the prefered solution as it would increase our costs, and as chinese market is very price sensitive callable to anthropoids, livinging good price/value ratio is a key strategic point.With di rect market entry methods, we would dupe much control on market reactions and be able to lower our export costs.Alternative solutions to enter market range from specialised trade fairs (on dairy products, health products, breakfast and snacking products, etc) to a campain of struggle gifts to be organised with either yoghurt or milk distributors, or by self-aggrandising free samples in school, university and working areas cafeterias. We could also afford organisations with already installed foreign companies who would be interested in distributing our products on their shelves.Considering our objective of neat a major player on processed food within the next 5 years, it would in all probability be worth it to elucidate a large upfront investment to develop internal expertise in chinese market, in order to maintain our own relationships in the target market, which could be later commitd in order to introduce early(a) product range on the homogeneous market.Therefore, and in the condition of a eagle-eyed term investment, prefered market entry would be on health safe products targeting families and young working singles.SWOT AnalysisOpportunities frugal climate a double digit economic victimisation gilt to high quality trendy foreign food processed products with an draw poker to health promising food.Demographic changes turning a rural population into city office working people whose life standards sport change magnitude dramatically over the last few years.Market opening through Chinas entering WTO system and making legal and administrative environment more import friendlyThreats Competitive activity new(prenominal) global firms are already on the market and Mc Donalds, Vuitton and Starbucks buzz off of the market show that any brand valuation generates its army of copycat making it difficult to keep up with very low prices in a very price sensitive market.Culture Reluctance to gather in new foreign fooding habits in a very traditional ho rti finishPricing chinese market is very sensitive to price and knob segment will digest to be chosen carefully and matched to set range.StrengthHealth food bod connected to dairy products impact food in a booming ever increasing market harvest-time adaptability Cereals can be flavoured harmonize to Chinese market tastesNetworking confederacys excellent ethic reputationLarge target Product attractive to kids and adult alikeWeaknesses no enough differentiation in productsNeed high advertising budget to gain trendy attracting imageSection 2How culture baron impact on (i) negotiating in china and (ii) introducing your firms product into china.The usual tip when you invent a business trip to China is to carry business cards, sustain an interpreter, wear a conservative suit. These advice are easy to follow and have proven usefull, but they are too superficial to get you into the course of association with chinese you need to be able to negociate agreements and introducing on a lo ng term perspective the firms products in China.Graham and Lam (2003) have described the root of chinese culture which have bound chinese people for 5,000 years and show through chinese business negociation agrarism which superseedes business(survival depends on group cooperation and harmony, loyalty and obdience to familly hierarchy), confucianist morality (relations of pattern and reignd among husband and wife, parents and children, older and younger, and of equal amongst friends), world more concerned by means than by end in negociations, the fact that chinese tend to see easily the big picture, and finally that chinese people are very cynical about rule of justice and rules in general, only confidenceing their families and their bank account.The elements that are grave in chinese negociation are have personal connections (friends, relatives and close associates), use an intermediary in order to avoid suspicion and distrust, be stiff in order to show social status, pay a ttention to interpersonal harmony (smile, be nice and friendly), see the big picture and recant the detail to a later stage, be patient in order to get concessions on prices, never embarrass or provoque a lost of composure to a chinese (equivalent to loosing face), value endurant work more than talent.As a result of the above, introducing our products into China will probably require either a very long time necessary to build a trusted network, or the use of an intermediary. It is of world-class importance to try to pass water close contact with significant actors of the retail and food service industry. The pricing of the products will probably also be of concern, as, if too low, it might not have the value effect, but, too high, it might repell consumers more tempted by a local copycat. Impact of recent access of China to the WTO on former(a) environmental variables which can be encountered when doing business in China and how it might benefit to our ability to establish w orthwhile business in China.When China joined WTO in 2001, it made a transition from a centrally planned scrimping to a market driven economy. The institutional role model for foreign trade was inexistent, the schooling transparency culture still to be invented, existing judicial and administrative system inadapted. A tremendous step of work was requested before China could integrate WTO system. China concur with its major commerce partners to open chinese market within 3 to 4 years to foreign companies in various sectors, including telecommunications, distribution and wholesaling, fiscal services, and banking and insurance. The change in laws included codifying existing administrative practices into written laws and edicts, then increasing transparency and predictability, covering around 200. Foreign trade law had to be modifyed. Regulations on international trade of goods and rules of origins were created.Regulations on transnational mergers and acquisitions and franchising were developped according to their new objectives. Anti-dumping, subsidy, countervailing and safeguard measures were prepared, and altogether, the capacity of the Government to provide legal information to the public was strengthened. Under the Chinas central planning system, foreign trade was administered with both tariff and nontariff controls, including quantitative controls which WTO rules require to eliminate.To ensure that the WTOs nondiscrimination principle is met in the judicial process, China issued an order that took effect on 1 March 2002 to elevate the jurisdiction over commercial-grade cases involving foreigners from the principal(a) courts to the higher level of courts, the question of training the judges to the appropriate regulation still being an issue at the moment. (Mitchell2004). Altogether, when entering WTO system China had the tools to a market economy.These modifications created a foreign investment friendly framework, but the cultural reluctance to rules and the natural reliance to human bonds are still to be watched when doing business in China (Usunier & Lee2005). It had a great impact on having major competitors entering the chinese market with success and provides market with the stability and rules needed to establish worthwhile invesment.Section 3Significance of the focus in China on relationship and network on our chosen entry strategy.As, in China, all business is subject to relationship and network, and as we have chosen to invest into a direct market entry strategy, we will have to rely on building our network with key players.Relationship selling involves creating, maintaining and enhancing strong relationships with customers and otherwise(a) stakeholders. This type of marketing is moving away from focusing on person transactions and moving towards to focusing on on building value-laden relationships and marketing networks. This type of marketing is long term oriented, very demanding as it is aimed at delivering long term value and satisfaction to customer (Kotler &al2005)It also involves building relationships at different levels economics, social, technical and legal resulting in high consumer loyalty.Kotler (2005476), distinguishes louver different relationships that can be formed with customers raw material (sale is made but no follow up on satisfaction) thermolabile (salesman encourages customer to come back if any question arises)Accountable (salesperson contacts customer shortly subsequently the sale to check that product meets expectations)Proactive (salesperson or company person crys customer from time to time to suggest other products)Partnership (company works with its customers to discover ways to deliver better value)Considering that we show to sell our product to a large number of customers with medium clams margin, the adapted relationship level would be accountable.Therefore, salesperson would phone retailer or food service company shortly after the sale to check if product meets expectations. Of course, laying key customers and being more proactive with them would also provoke efficiency of such relationship marketing.Company would probably take advantage to using other marketing tools as giving special treatment and reward to good customers, or inviting them to special events.elect strategy network map and discussion on focal and subsidiary relationship involved.First step is to identify key player in retail networking and food service industry, like main wholesalers to be met at trade fair, mass retailers like supermarkets, trendsetters to be identified on TV or sports like football.Next step is to initiate contact with them with a focus on long term relationship and not on result. These relationship, due to their weight on market and the advantage that can be gained from being referenced with them have to be favoured at a first stage.Then, once this network is established, and in order to continue expansion, identify other distribution ch annels than wholesalers or mass retailers and initiate subsidiary relationship with them, as smaller restaurants, or hotels.Section 4Adressing the issues related to rumor that Chinese government might request that we enter into a strategic bail bond with a Chinese owned firm selecting and managing strategic alliance partners in china.As in many asian country on that point is a rumour that we may have to enter a strategic alliance with a chinese partner in order to be allowed to market processed food in China.As Charles Revson, founder of Revlon cosmetics verbalize once I dont meet competition, I strap it and this should be remembered when entering a strategic partnership with a chinese partner. In fact, as cultural analysis hereabove showed, chinese only trust their family and their bank account, so, in order to enter a sound alliance, a few criterias moldiness be met.Criterias for selecting strategic partner in China should begood reputation of loyalty and integrity on the ma rket, but also of product quality for reputation purposesnatural feeling and general values, understanding of what our goals are and willingness to collaborateextensive network on our targeted customers, on the areas where we have the greatest growth or the most profitable areasproven synergy opportunity between our two companies instead of competitionlong term relationship seems possible through mutual cooperation (strategic alliance must be a win-win situation in order to be sustainable on the long term)Impact of the issues of national sovereignty in China on application of our standard marketing approaches in order to elevate global image and additional profits through economy of scale.China is very sensitive on the issue raised by breakaway claims by  Taiwanese nationalists, Tibet and Xinjiang separatists. Our standard marketing approaches, designed to enhance global image and enable additional profits through economy of scale, mustnt be a threat to our main objective whi ch is to become a major player in dairy products in China.Therefore, our standard marketing approaches should be amended in order to avoid any differenciation between the average product sold within China and the ones sold in these three areas. The main market should be priviledged against the particularism of the three separatists areas.No marketing rock that our product would be specifically adressed to the separatists areas should be set ahead and it should under no circumstances become a selling argument or even be mentioned, because it would probably cause us to put out main market.Section 5Criteria to select an adjacent market between Taiwan, Thailand, Myanmar, VietnamThe first criteria to take into account is capacity to use both markets to enhance presence on each other. Creating synergies in a market entry phase might be vital and the level of trade relationship already existing between China and that country is the right measurment.The imprimatur one is to use up a ma rket which might be governed by the same cultural trends in order to be able to adopt the same marketing approach to both.A third criteria, maybe more operational, is distance and accessibility (custom tariffs, roads, etc) between both territories. This might enable to foundation product in one country and ship to the other from thereof. ordinal criteria might be existing trade relations with Switzerland which might make it easier for us to start networking, as the Swiss image would already be a commercial advantage.Myanmar being subject to economic sanction from China due to compulsory labor is not a valid adjacent market, though it has entered the asian liberalisation trend and was even acknowledged by the UN Conference on Trade and phylogeny in 2001 as a member that performed well to better in the trade liberalisation process under the WTOs principles It also does not have the right development stage to be interesting and human rights issues might be minus our image. It has ver y little commercial bonds with Switzerland.Thailand had rather recent diplomatic relations with China (dating 1975) but shows since then a real will to become a partner of selection of China. Both nations have common roots and share common ancestors. The commercial agreement between the two countries (Sino Thai Free Trade Agreement) only covers fruits and vegetables at the moment but could by chance be protracted. Thailand is also member of the WTO. Its main advantage is to already have strong network trade connections with Switzerland (on machinery, watches, etc), where we are based, which could be a vital advantage for us in terms of network.Taiwan is actually administrated by China which makes it a priviledged area to invest in. It also has a long tradition of trade with China which makes it a good candidate due to the need for trade network to enhance each others, and as a little dragon, it also has the wealth to be interesting, but choosing it would probably not be the best in terms of advantage on chinese market as it does not really add anything different to being only present in China. Also it does not have any specific links with Swiss market.Vietnam has a common frontier with China and is following more or less the same path towards becoming a market economy and entered WTO in january 2007. Though it does not have the same laws, it has a similar development trend, close traditions and the close commercial links with China in all sectors that makes it a suitable adjacent market. It is also a so called little dragon, a booming economy that could be a very profitable market. The trading network between Vietnam and Switzerland is not too developped though Switzerland is present in Vietnam with a swiss embassy in Hanoi.Finally, in order to develop a global brand image in asia, it might be a good choice to choose between Thailand and Vietnam.How to turn the risk of being obliged to countertrade into a profitable tradeMore than 80 countries nowadays use or require countertrade exchanges. A concensus of experts opinions (Okaroafo, 1989) has put the percentage of the value of world trade volumes related to countertrade at between 20 to 25%.Counter trade usually occurs when countries lack sufficient hard currency.There are five main variants of countertrade which could be of different value to our firm. Entering a trade (exchange of goods or services directly for other goods or services without the use of money as means of bribe or payment) could eventually be interesting if we manage to find good quality bulk products that could be integrated in our products, like fruits or packaging.Using the switch trading practice (in which the country would exchange allowing our importations against an obligation to make a grease ones palms on the domestic market) could also be of interest to us for the same reasons.A buyback (buying machinery necessary to our production in exchange for products) agreement is not a really interesting deal for us as it involves very heavy transportation.Finally, entering an offset agreement (offsetting a hard-currency purchase of an unspecified product) would be a very dangerous operation as we would have to cover currency exchange variations.Proactive strategy to trade profitably with the selected countryIn order to be ready when the ban on import occurs, we will implement a proactive strategy by identifying products that could be of use in our production process. Then we will start making contacts with producers of these products and gain market knowledge of prices and quality available, identify suitable suppliers that meet our quality requirements and are able to supply us with the adequate quantities. Therefore, when we will be forced to countertrade, we will already have our network in place.ConclusionAs stated in this document, our five year strategic plan on entering Chinese market involvesentering market with health food linked to dairy products mass trendiness with direct market ing toolsAlways keep in mind the cultural sensitivity of China in order to use it as a competitive advantage instead of a falling trap.Utilise the huge work done by China to be able to keep up with WTO entering necessary standards in terms of transparency and legal framework to our profit in developping our businessInvest in developping extended network and long term relationship marketing in order to open the route to introducing our other products on the market laterIf needed, choose carefully strategic partnersAmend global marketing policy in order to avoid sovereignty issuesChoose between Thailand and Vietnam as adjacent market, even if countertrade is involved.Reference TableSunfaithChina Ltd,September 2006,Market Analysis report on China Yoghourt industry, http//, C, February 2003, Got Milk?, seawall Street Journal http// L. Graham and N. Mark Lam, 13 october 2003, Negotiating in China, Havard Business School, Excerpted with permission from The Chinese Negotiation, Harvard Business Review, Vol. 81, No. 10, October 2003Mitchell, A Implementing WTO rules The Importance of Law Reform, Remarks of Arthur M. Mitchell, General Counsel Asian using Bank, February 2004, apeC Workshop on Best Practices in WTO Capacity Building, http//, P., (1992), Trends and Developments in multinational Countertrade, Business America, (November 2), 2-6.Okaroafo, S., (1989) Determinants of LDC Mandated Countertrade, International Management Review, (Winter), 1624Interview Thailand aims to further enhance Thailand-China strategic partnership Peoples Daily, Beijing, 28 June 2005, http// Federal recite Secretariat for Economic Affairs, 2005, Report on Swiss Economic Development Cooperation with VietnamKotler,P, and al (2005), Principles of Marketing, Pearson fos tering LtdUsunier, J-C and Lee, J (2005) Marketing across cultures, Pearson Education LtdBuksbaum, L (1999), Choosing strategic partner that really partner, press plow on, (http//

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Cooking with Your Children Essay

How many parents cover the clip to cook with their children? How many of you were taught to cook by your parents or individual else in your family? I actually started grooming with my mother when I was 6 years old spiraling discover bread dough to consider crescent rolls (homemade, of course). Due to my childhood experience, I now cook with my children at least twice a week. Since I am normally notwithstanding home on the weekends to see my children, I use this time for adhere as well as for find outing them skills that they will expect in order to survive in todays populace, better know as life skills. grooming with your children is great way to strengthen family bonds, sequence enforcing math and life skills. First, provision with your children female genitals create strong family bonds. This provides the opportunity for spending quality time with your children. While preparing meals, daily discussions regarding current topics in and about their lives are abound (Ho w was your day, What did you do in fall apart, Have you spoken to your grandmother). These discussions during meal preparation hatful choke to enjoy open moments that children tend to remember as they grow sure-enough(a).They then luck these experiences and moments with their children (Eisenhower) . In the words of my favorite T. V. Cook, Alton Brown of Good Eats, Cooking with children is just plain diversion. How buttocks you not have fun in the kitchen while cooking with your children? Yes, it can be messy yes, it can be time consuming but that is what makes it a fun culture environment. Make mistakes, get messy, have fun. Secondly, cooking with your children will teach them a necessary life skill, a required skill that they will indigence in order to survive on their own.Cooking not and teaches intellectual nourishment preparation, but besides educates them on making healthy food choices (Eisenhower Ryan) . By allowing them to cook for themselves, they are not depend ent on degenerate food or constant dining out. It also teaches the principles of time management. For extype Ale, if for dinner party we are having a roast that requires four hours of cooking then they need to consider that the additional sides or fixings should be prepared in a sequence that would allow them all to be ready at the same time as the roast.These basic life skills of cooking and time management are important for your child and are necessary for them to survive. Third, cooking with your children helps to reenforce their math skills. Having your child count the beans or carrot sticks gives them a reason to count. It makes counting fun & purposeful or goal-directed Counting (Marinelli) . Employing your children in the kitchen can be fun and will reinforce their measuring skills.Using the volume method of measuring, such as one-quarter loving cup of flour or two cups of sugar, helps children to visualize the actual measurement. In my household, we also use ruler mea surements when baking. When making cinnamon rolls we measure the length and breadth of the rolled dough for proper sizing. In the case of the cinnamon roll dough, we are looking for a perfect rectangle. In other baking situations, we will use other geometric shapes including circles, triangles, squares, cones.Cooking also teaches and reinforces their skills at telling time, which will assist with proper time management. Such as with the aforementioned roast, if you put it in the oven at 4 P. M. and it takes one and half-hours to cook, you can ask, at what time does the roast have to be taken out of the oven? Having your children count, measure and tell time can reinforces those skills with Purposeful Counting. These activities conducted in a fun atmosphere and used in actual world situations reinforce the basic life skills that are important.In conclusion, Cooking with your children can create a naturally fun environment for family bonding. It gives them some of the skills, cooki ng and time management, they will need to survive. As well, cooking reinforces their math skills by letting them use what they have learned in a real world situation. Taking the time to cook with your children will create stronger family bonds, teach them basic life skills that they will need as they grow older and reinforces many math skills that they will not only be able to utilize at home but in school too. whole works Cited Brown, Alton. Apple Family Values Foodnetwork. com, Food Network Season 2 installing EA1B03 Video. Eisenhower, Julie. Cooking With Children. The Saturday Evening Post , Curtis Publishing August 1975, 94-110 Print. Marinelli, Noel. Count & Cook. Scholastic Parent & Child, Scholastic Publishing March 2006, 73 Print. Ryan, Kelley & Andrea. Cooking With Kids. Nebraska Kitchens, Nebraska Life Publishing June 20088, 37-39 Print.

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Mohandas Ghandi’s Resistance speech Essay

Wide spectrums of lieus arise when comparing and contrasting the writings of Gandhi and George Orwell. The oppressive British remains of government in India provides the motive for Gandhis Defending peaceful Resistance actors line. George Orwell conveys peevishness of the same systemthe British government by the jibe of an elephant and the repercussions of the event. The overall attitude in Orwells Shooting an Elephant leans toward impertinence of both government and murder, maculation the overall attitude in Gandhis Defending Nonviolent Resistance inclines toward the uprising of government and nonviolent protest. twain writers share attitudes, however both writers convey opposing attitudes towards their government.Mohandas Gandhi emphasizes the use of non-violence in his speech and employs the principle of spiritual drawshipto achieve political goals through with(predicate) non-violent resistance.(Gandhi 975) Gandhis essay accents the need for Indian freedom. Gandhis atti tude tonic for the British system of government to change. Gandhi states the overall attitude of the essay, I precious to avoid violence, I want to avoid violence. Nonviolence is the first article of my faith. It is also the last article of my creed. (Gandhi 976) Gandhi writes this to state his belief in nonviolent forms of rebellion. Instead, Gandhis belief that peaceful measures harvest a greater doctor on the wad creates a greater outcome.Gandhi decides to go against the government of the land, the British government. Gandhi states, But I had to make my choice. I had either to submit to a system which I considered had d unmatched an irreparable harm to my country, or find out the risk of the mad fury of my people bursting forth, when they beneathstood the truth from my lips (Gandhi 976). Clearly, Gandhis attitude towards British rule played into a negative channel of rebellion which eventually led to his arrest and future Indian independence.George Orwell does not stir up every rebellions with the government however, Orwell plays a major power in British Government in India. I was subdivisional police incumbent of the town, and in an aimless, petty kind of way anti-European feeling was very acidulated states Orwell (Orwell 939). Even though Orwell ranks highly in the British system, as did Gandhi at one time, Orwell and Gandhi do not agree with the system they work for. establishment of Orwells sentiment, In a job like that you see the grimy work of Empire at close quarters (940) provides the reader with Orwells attitude towards government. Although Orwell does not comply with the system, Orwell continues to work under the government.Gandhi states some generation that the system of rule does not justify the people in India. brain wave into many historical events, provided in Gandhis speech allows the reader to purview great details of the continuing pressures of Indian injustice. Gandhi addresses his first moment of fury into the Britis h system, The first shock came in the shape of the Rowlatt Act, a honor designed to rob the people of all real freedom(Gandhi 977). The government note of the passage begins to rise into disaffection from this moment forward. Later in the speech, Gandhi straight off accuses the British system, I came reluctantly to the conclusion that the British connection had do India more helpless than she ever was before, politically and economically (Gandhi 978). Gandhis attitude towards the system causes him to stir up a rebellion and thus, go upon a judge to suffer a sentence of six years in prison.Orwell and Gandhi contrast in attitudes when they separate into different sides of the system. Gandhi realizes the British rule in India only oppresses his people, plot of ground Orwell is a police officer that essentially performs any and all tasks assigned to him, regardless of virtue or morality. When Orwell solves the problem of shooting a ravaging elephant, the British government proudly acknowledges the act. Besides, legally I had done the right thing, for a mad elephant has to be killed, writes Orwell (Orwell 945). Orwell, in many ways, disagrees with shooting, alone in the end of the story, Orwell writes, I often wondered whether any of the others grasped that I had done it solely to avoid looking a fool(Orwell 945). Orwells attitude is somewhat hypocritical because he does not agree with the killing, exactly does it anyway so he can please his superiors.Gandhi, who once worked successfully as a servant to the British government, comes to a conclusion that the system can no longer oppress his people. Gandhi turns into a political, spiritual leader in the cause to gain Indian freedom and independence. Gandhi goes before a judge and clearly states his reasons wherefore the judge and the system must go. Gandhi tells the judge, if you conceptualise that the system and the law you are assisting to administer are good for the people of this country and that my activity is therefore injurious to the public weal (Gandhi 979).The speech made by Mohandas Gandhi before a judge, under the British system, speaks for itself. Gandhi provides reasons why the system failed to suit the needs of his people. George Orwell writes about the innocent, yet mandated shooting of an elephant, brought upon by the system. Both writers describe their events with comparing and contrasting attitudes. When comparing the attitudes Gandhi who at one time worked under the system with full allegiance, goes before the system and rejects it completely, while Orwell works under the system but does not question it under authority. When contrasting their overall attitudes towards the system, Orwell continues to work as a British official, but deep down inside, knows the oppressive nature of the system. Orwells attitude is hypocritical, while Gandhi chooses to fight the system.

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Ethical Health Care Issues Essay

When working with patients and their families, the health c ar pros occasionally will spirit less-traveled and difficult decisions that relates to medical treatments which questions moral troubles such as religious beliefs and withal professional guidelines of honourable or not. Health premeditation morals is utilise as a parameter for staff to exemplify the standards of the proper ethics and provide the imaginary ethics road map to success when verbalize to patients and families about choices based on beliefs, values, health, and possibly in the end death. When traffic with moral issues in this manner it becomes even more complex.An subject of a struggle of chase with a health complaint employee can exists when an employee is influenced, whether consciously or unconsciously, by whatever fig of financial or individualized gain. This proves their self-interest and lack of morals when it comes to the good of the company. With a profit-driven organization the convent ionality motive for the presence of an ethical struggle is generally linked to about practice of individual economic contemplations. A statement made by the American College of Physicians showed that physicians meet industry representatives at the office and at professional meetings, collaborate in community-based research, and develop or invest in health-related industries.In all of these spheres, partnered activities often offer important opportunities to advance medical companionship and patient care, but they also create an opportunity for the introduction of incline (Mitnick, 2010). Some professionals are granted privileges that include things like the influence to bewilder scholastic and principled standards. This ability permits the preservation of their competence and creates a current and ethical employee. Now this employee is beneficial to the patients and the society.Dealing with the territory of patient solicitude there are hazards to proficiency and in legion(pre dicate) situations there are the possibilities for a conflict of interest. Sometimes doctors have relationships with outside companies and when this happens these relationships have the occur to create a conflict of interest when a physician decides to bury some(prenominal) kind of gifts, act as a speaker on behalf of an outside company or if they have some kind of interest financially in a product that will be utilize inside the hospital. A conflict of interest whitethorn arise when a doctor has the chance to be paid for their services. These conflicts will arise when relations with any kind of compensation system while each payment system will have a different concern.Avoiding conflicts of interestThe patriarchal targets for conflicts of interest are doctors and nurses. They have the opportunity to receive some form of promotion from pharmaceutical companies and companies that make the medical devices. This is the reason why the health care industry has made some efforts to regulate things. This includes the Pharmaceutical seek and Manufacturers of America who restructured the standards of behavior for collaborations with the health care specialists in 2009 and the Council of Medical intensity Societies volunteered a code of ethics on their own in 2010 onerous to limit the influence of profit organizations. Even with taking these measures it has been found that many physicians have no problems with accepting free samples of drugs from drug companies through an issue of Archives of Surgery from the June 2010 issue. Also reported was a variety of doctors may find it appropriate to receive free meals.NoncomplianceNoncompliance in simple terms is rejecting the actions to a rule of necessity. In medicine, the term noncompliance is commonly used in regard to a patient who does not take a prescribed medication or follow a prescribed course of treatment. A person who demonstrates noncompliance is said to be noncompliant (medicinenet, 2011). In this action we can look at the example here, As many as half of failures of treatment to bring high blood pressure down to normal levels may be collectable to unrecognized lapses in taking antihypertensive drugs as prescribed, according to a new study by a team of researchers from the University of Lausannne, Switzerland. (Stephenson, 2001). It states in the culture that autonomy is the freedom we have to decide what we want to do.Whether a accord form as been signed or not the patient must(prenominal) be aware that they have the ability to withdraw from what is going on. With bounty it is simply a person taking an action for the benefit for another(prenominal) person. Beneficent actions are taken for people to help prevent a person from a harmful situation or it can better a situation for other people. Simply put non-maleficence means to do no harm. With this one it requires doctors to refrain from providing ineffective care or playing with malice. It is not very helpful sometimes beca use many of the treatments carry some form of risk, it needs to be checked to see if the reward outweighs the risks. evaluator in health care is usually defined as a form of fairness. It implies that a fair distribution of services will be provided to society.ConclusionThe ethical issues that an individual health care worker has to face will depend on what specialized area the health care professional is staffed. An example would consist of a hospital faced with a patient requesting euthanasia while at the same time a health insurance agent is giving insurance to a patient under the same circumstances and not receiving a clear legal opinion of the patients needs. The author of Ethical Issues in Epidemiologic interrogation and Public Health practice Steven Coughlin states that all who practice in the work of medicine will experience a level of ethical reasoning during their day to day routine. Whether its an non-compliant client or a conflict of interest, both have the opportuni ty to harm a patients health care.Employers try to assure they are able to provide some form of ethical teaching with policies in place for review. Training the instruct is a program some adopt to ensure the widespread of the information. By dressing the management responsible for monitoring the work of these employees it consolidates the exepctations of the organization. This level of training allows the trainer to explain the type of ethical issues a health care worker may encounter, why the issue is there and how to deal with the issue. If an employee or the supervisor does not follow these guidelines the penalty can be fierce,. penalization for the employee could result in suspension, fines or up to and including termination of their position.ReferencesAmericas. (2009-2010). Pharmaceutical explore and Manufacturers of America Healthcare &, 1-76. HEALTH CARE MANAGEMENT group Paper Abstracts. (2010). Academy of Management Annual Meeting Proceedings, 1-38. doi10.5465/AMBPP. 2010.54503723 medicinenet. (2011, april 27). explanation of noncompliance. Retrieved from http// Mitnick, S., Leffler, C., & Hood, V. (2010). Family caregivers, patients and physicians ethical guidance to optimize relationships. daybook Of General Internal Medicine, 25(3), 255-260. Stephenson, J. (2001). Human biological materials in research ethical issues and the role of stewardship in minimizing research risks. Advances in Nursing Science, 24(2), 32-46.

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Final Project: Analyzing Financial Statements

The disadvantages of line peak figureing, according to Martin (2001) line-item budgets say nothing to the highest degree how much assist a human service agency provides, the equal of that service, the number of outcomes the agency accomplished, or their attendant costs. Another disadvantage is it limits the ability to aka change decisions as the environment and conditions change. For the most part, a line item budget is simple to read. The purpose of Performance budgeting carcass is to plan, budget and valuate emphasis in relationships between money budgeted and run and or results expected.The advantages and disadvantages of procedure budgeting system atomic number 18 they give cultivation on the amount of services provided by an agency and the political architectural plan costs, including estimation of the cost per output per whole AT service. I en Lastingness AT performance Educating system are It is not al modalitys reliable. In some organization, the performance bud get system is depended up other departments input in order to have the output for the agency. If one-department documents are available or inaccurate, it can throw get through the entire performance system.The purpose of program budgeting system is it gives insight to the strong suit of an agency. It also relates outcome to inputs. The major advantages of program budgeting systems are that (a) they provide information on the amount of (client) outcomes achieved by a human service program and the attendant costs, including determination of cost per outcome, and (b) they fancy up the bevel of debate from service and efficiency concerns to clients and effectiveness concerns. The disadvantages are it is difficult to mea received the outcome of performance.With program budgeting systems, the debate is on effectiveness concerns (what happens to clients in terms of outcomes), not on line items or efficiency considerations. Program budgeting systems represent one way of personalizing th at most elusive of all human service and social calculate goals maintaining a client focus, Martin, (2001). Two types of traditional approaches to fund development that are curb for the EX. Corporation are Grant constitution and undersides. In writing a grant proposal, one has to be precise in the what and wherefore he/she is requesting a grant.In many cases a fundraiser can and will encounter the needs of an organizations. Two types of nontraditional approaches to fund development that are appropriate for the EX. Corporation are A Walk-A-Thong fundraiser is one way of raising capital for PH. Location Most colleges will allow walk-a-thong on their campuses as farsighted as the date does not conflict with any other events they whitethorn have scheduled. Date break down dates in the community to make sure there are no conflicting dates to hinder the outcome of the walk-a-thong outcome. feed &038 Drinks although it is a walk-a-thong, people will need intellectual nouris hment and drinks to keep up their strength.Solicit empyrean securities industry stores for fruits and things for sandwiches as well as drinks, much(prenominal) as water and Juices. Print up and pass out boosters. Boosters are sheets of composition that people sign stating their pledge amounts as well as their names. Soliciting bills from local discipline businesses may be another way to raise funds for PH. Organize a team of individuals who are willing to all make phone calls to different businesses in the area, asking for donations or dismount a am out into the community personally soliciting funds from area businesses.Since most people enjoy dinner, dancing and conversations, one method I would use would be a Pasta Dinner Fundraiser. Steps into reservation this a success are Choose a Date Check school calendars, holidays, major town events, and other organizations so there is no conflict with other events that could potentially affect the outcome of dinner. Location look out a place that will donate space for the event, such as a church or school. Advertise Sell Tickets in advance. Make posters and post them in noticeable areas. The Food Solicit food or paper good donations from area groceries, Italian restaurants (sauce), bread stores, and grocery stores. In soliciting for food, products include drinks, such as coffee, soft drinks, creamers, sugar substitutes as well as sugars. The Ambiance Solicit music search for a DC or a band to play for the event. Solicit area businesses for prizes and sell raffle ticket, Brewer (2011). If calculations are correct, EX. Corporation financial perspective is in good standing. If they go on on ten path teenager are on, Ana malignant tenet annual average organization should continue to provide services for those in need.

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A Moment That Changed My Life Essay

This is my nonional essay for the Film Program at NYU. The prompt was Introduce yourself. quarter an unfor gettable til nowt in your life and how it changed your perception of yourself or the understand of some angiotensin converting enzyme close to you. This levelt can be dramatic and/or comedic. The assignment may be written as a dead story in the first person or as an essay. My one fear is that my essay is unverbalized to understand. So all feedback on how it reads to new(prenominal) pile would be a huge help. And also any gramatical errors or anything like that that you find would be a help as well.Im probably mailing this out to twenty-four hour period so please, any advice would be much appriciated. Thanks. How did I get here? How did this happen. I sit down staring th clumsy the open car door as it dangled at that place in front of my shopping malls. How had I not considern it to begin with how had it neer caught my eye? It hit me so fast, like a wave that un expectedly all overtakes you as you walk along the beach. Its originally happening, I thought to myself. I am no yearner a child. I am terrified. And its not fear that troubles me, its realization. Its the realization that my life forget apparently just keeps moving along and I learn no say in the matter.Its the realization that I no longer have what seems like all the prison term in the world to physique out what I ask to do with that life what I want to be, what I want to leave behind after Im gone. Its last(a)ly measure for me to stop cerebration just alternatively go out and do the things Ive dreamed of the things Ive unaccompanied wondered at, baffled at, as I lay alone in my rump at night. It had never felt real until now. I stared at it as it hung there, as it hung unaware of the meaning it gave to me at this moment. Those few seconds stretched for hours, stretched to encompass the get across of a lifemagazine in the scud of a blinking eye.And thats what it all now felt like a blink, a moment, a flash. Is that what it result feel like at the end? A flash? When I was a little girl, my aim took me to the fair. He bought me a bangle so that I could go on all of the rides without having to fumble with tickets. He t grizzly me, Darling, you can do anything you want here, just say the word. To a little child, hearing those words was like world given the keys to the world being given complete freedom. To me, freedom was a precious thing. I want it desired it above all else.But you see, in my eyes, freedom was simply having whatever you want, when you want, and not having to do anything you dont want to get it. In my eyes, freedom was a perfect world, but only for me. Of incline over condemnation I was persuaded from these views by opening my eyes to the hard work and responsibility involved in having freedom. As I grew fourth-year I earned more privileges. I worked to make my own money, began driving, anchor myself a wonderful boy , and even began preparing for college dreaming of going out on my own and making a name for myself in this wide world.And for a while the illusion was indeed convincing. I allowed myself to believe that over time I would gain more underwrite in my life and that that control would one mean solar day become positive. But it was still just an illusion, a dream an idea of a perfect world, my perfect world. Eventually I would realize that the one thing which I thought could bring me my absolute freedom is the one thing that depart forever hold it back. duration. Time is the one thing which binds everyone. Even the most wealthy, most powerful people in the world will die someday.Do you think they chose that for themselves? Do you think they wouldnt change it if they could? You could have the whole world in the palm of your hand, but the reality remains everyone is born, everyone grows older, and everyone will eventually die. Our time is limited. That cant be changed, just accepted. So staring, I sit down as it hung limply outside the open car door. How had I never seen it before? How had it never caught my eye? How had it all happened so fast? The lines, those fine cracks, they hung in general together over the weakened bone below.I sit down staring, staring at my fusss aged hand that hung at his side as he stood outside the car conversing with someone who, at the moment, held no importance to me. Never before had I noticed those lines, those cracks, those wrinkles which allot out like ripples on the surface of a pond. Never before had I noticed how thin the skin appeared, how stretched, or even how loosely the veins spread underneath. For the first time I was looking at my father a man in his fifties, hardened by years of unceasing working.For the first time in a long time, I was eyesight what was actually there and not just what my eyes were telling me to see based off of what they had previously known. For the first time, I realized I was growing up . For the first time, I felt the hold that time has on me. For the first time, I thought I am almost 18 years old. What have I do with that time? What had I done? I hated the thought. I dreaded the question. That question to which my answer would deliver of zipper of importance.At this time, what troubled me most was not the fact that I and everyone around me were getting older. At this time, what troubled me most was the fact that- in all that time of growth- the things which I had done served no greater finding than to merely entertain to entertain myself or the requests of others, teachers, my parents. I thought, Has all this time been wasted? Time goes by so fast faster than even I can sometimes realize. The funny thing is, the older I get, as the years I have left steadily decrease, I cant help feeling times smasher increase.And this only leads me to further wonder if these eighteen years have gone by so rapidly, as if they were nothing, will it not feel as though tom orrow I will find myself an old cleaning lady? Is it so unlikely? Is it so unlikely that, if the lifestyle I have I keep, I will wake up on that day and again have to question if the time I had been given had been bony away in futile activity? A sad day it would be to lay in remembrance of your life and realize that the eld you have spent held no purpose or meaning beyond to merely serve yourself and your own selfish comforts.A sad day it would be to realize that you have lived your life well and comfortably, yes, but never with purpose. And it was then, for a moment, that I was torn from my thoughts as my father at detain settled back into the car and began to drive us home. I looked over at the man who had given me everything my life, my childhood, and now this much needed revelation. unknown to him, in an instant, he had changed my views of this world and of the life I was leading. In an instant, he had given me what was needed for me to stop waiting around, stop simply think ing of how my life will be, and start living, actually living.In that moment, in that rough weathered hand, I saw my future. I saw the effects that time would one day have on me. I saw the old age that would one day overtake me. I saw myself upon that final hour, laying, awaiting that final breath. But what I did not see was how I would acknowledge that end. Would it be with peaceful acceptance or mournful detest? The real question is when that final hour comes, when I take that final breathe, will the death that takes me be taking a soul that has truly lived? testament I have truly lived? I sit, looking at my fathers hand as he steers us home.I sit, not hoping for, but planning the things I am going to do, the things which I will do, today and tomorrow and all the days after. The things which will, in purpose, serve greater causes than to just simply allow me to go on drifting along in my life. For from now on I will do nothing but dream and create. I will do nothing but share wi th others my thoughts, my words, my ideas. I will do nothing but pass with all I have to make a difference in, if even in the smallest way, the life of another, the ways of a people, the turning of the world. From now on I will nothing but truly just live.

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Chinese Attitudes Toward Nature, Time, Good and Evil Essay

As for the attitude of Chinese spate toward genius, it is undisputed that it is marked by a strong feeling of consistency, for example, oneness of nature and bit. According to ring Zhongshu, who was the closely important philosopher of the Western Han, enlightenment had its willing and purpose. It was Heaven that do the sun, the moon, and the stars move, the quadruplet seasons change, and all animals and plants grow and die. Heaven was kindhearted, so it made things draw one an different Heaven was as well severe, so it made things smite one an early(a). Moreover, Heaven created a linguistic rule to rule over the tidy sum. This meant that Heaven wanted the mint to be ruled.When a ruler did something wrong, Heaven would be angry and would give the ruler warnings by causing strange inherent phenomena to happen, such as eclipses, earthquakes, floods and droughts. This theorythe inter attain between Heaven and manhad a clear purpose. On the one hand, it was intended to s how that the rulers position and power were given to him by Heaven, and should not be questioned on the other hand, the ruler should be virtuous and benevolent, and govern well, so as not to incur Heavens anger. Dong had a well-known theorizeing The Way is great beca usance it originates in Heaven. Heaven does not change nor does the Way. I would desire to explain the idea clearly by an example. That is Feng Shui. Feng Shui ( in like manner known as geomancy) is an ancient Chinese remains of aesthetics believed to use the laws of both Heaven (astronomy) and Earth (geography) to help one improve look by receiving positive qi. Maybe umteen people think it is superstition, unless I consider it bed reflect the pursuit of harmonious bearing of Chinese people. There atomic number 18 four purposes in Feng Shui, seeking the consent of compassionate body the harmony between people and people the harmony between people and society the harmony between people and nature.let me give a small example ab come forward placing a posterior. The bash shall be slightly higher than the knee and not near the door. And it shall event to the south and back to the north in order to ad good duxhlt, the aorta and cock-a-hoop veins direction of the blood circulatory system, so that people hobo patch up a sleep easily, and have a high quality sleep. The bed cant facet the west, because the rotation of the earth is from east to west, devising the blood rush toward the head, and people cant sleep soundly. publicize presses which mean air conditioners hang supra the pillow, or the lights suspend above the bed, bring roughly oppression, and cause adverse effect of body and mind. Mirrors cant face the bed, if not people may be blow out of the water easily in midnight, and cant be peace. It really can express the attitude toward nature, uniting of heaven and humanity. As for the attitude of Chinese people toward epoch, three features will be mentioned about. The first is rou nd- type clock outlook. In the oriental world, farming is the major way of carrying out solid and exchanging goods dominates all the economic life of the whole society.This agooral civilization treats human and the nature as interrelated and interacted,the world as an integer organically linked. So in oriental society the round-type time outlook is that nature and human is integrate. This kind of time outlook h hoars the view that time is like a circle and all the things in the world return to its origina1 land after a cycle of time, for example, the alternation of day and night, the come and go of the four seasons,the turning of the twelve months, the growth of the age and the growing of plants.This kind of time view makes the Orientals handle the time at their disposal and do things at ease. For instance, when a teacher has not finished an important point in his class,he can prolong his class. At the Chinese wedding feast, few people will come at the time which is written on the invitation card. Moreover, Chinese use time very casually and intangibly. Chinese prefer to say some un certain voice communication 1ike at once, sometimes, a short while, which a1ways confuse the westerners.Chinese students who be studying side tend to misuse the tense when communicate with outsiders. In a word, Chinese dont have clear differentiation concept of time. The puntly is polychromic time system. Polychromic time system means people be very casual in using time. In other words, being punctual is important, but not strict. Polychromic time system is the heritage of traditional agri pagan society. good deal are used to do severa1 different things at the same time and do things emphasizing undercoat time.Chinese think that all(prenominal)thing in the world develops with the cycling of time, so people catch the time that is ripe for acting, which means each step of our action is determined temporarily by our surroundings. So action is poorly mean by Chinese. In some occasions, people can do many things in the same time. A Chinese salesman can check out with the first customer on the one hand,and show the goods to a second one on the other hand, even greet a trine One at the same time. However, westerners can hardly accomplish them and also can not accept them. The third is past time predilection. m orientation is a relatively stable factor in cultural difference. It is connected to the historical background of the. Generally speaking, people who have too heavy tradition, look up to history and past, so their time orientation is past-oriented. Chinese belong to past-oriented. heap show great respect to the past. The past follow through and 1esson are important reference for todays mastery and failure. Chinese show respect to ancestors and teachers. They like to say things by referencing to the old books and stories. That is why Chinese call teachers lao shi. lao means old.People attach importance to age and experience, because they are symbols of power and wisdom, so words like lao and da always mean respect in Chinese. As for the attitude of Chinese people toward good and offensive, perhaps the most extreme view of commodity is found in the Buddhist tradition. Buddhism maintains that we are born pure and are closest to what is called loving kindness when we register this world. Hence, people are good, and our culture is what makes us shame. The view of goodness is also found in Confucianism. Meng Zi made the original goodness of human nature the keynote to his system.To him, the virtue of humanity together with the accompanying virtues of righteousness, rites and wisdom arises from the inside(a) springs of the human heart. These four cardinal virtues come in their seed nisusthe four beginnings, as the feeling of compassion, shame, modesty, and of the distinction between right and wrong. such(prenominal) feelings are universal among mankind and they come as naturally ad taste for food, and sight for beauty. This, Meng Zi argued, can be seen in the fact that a child naturally loves his parents and that a man will instinctively experience a feeling into a well.Therefore, human nature is originally good, and will be good if it is guided by its innate feelings, just as water is inclined to flow downward. In contrast to the concept of the goodness of human nature advocated by Meng Zi, Xun Zi declared that human nature is originally evil because human desires inevitably lead to greed and strife if remaining untrained. Believing that goodness can only be acquired, Xun Zi stressed the judge of education and environment. To him it is environment and authority that make the man, and it is obedience of the precepts of the sage-kings that produces the goodness that is in him.In the end, however, not only is the life of virtue a conjecture but even sage-hood is within reach. Therefore, Xun Zi said, Every man on the pass can become like the sage-king Yu, a perfect orthodox Confucian note. What mentioned about are viewpoints from the ancients. Nowadays Chinese attitudes toward good and evil are very wide and vague, not like Christianity which has a ten commandments, qualification the general public even those without much cultural literacy has some certain standards, ruling what can do and can not do, their attitudes toward good and evil are absolutely clear.But to Chinese, goose egg must been done and nothing can not be done. The boundary between good and evil is obscure, in some condition something is good but in other condition it may be bad. To Chinese the boundary is always about degree, whether it is excessive or not. For example, talking between Chinese friends sometimes contains opprobrious language, but it doesnt mean they hate each other, most of time, it is just joking. That behavior is not really evil, but if it is overdone, it will be.Chinese Peoples attitude toward nature, time, good and evil have been formed gradually, and they are relatively stable in a long time, but they are not without changes. The better living conditions, the development of the economy, the improvement of the society and the increase of the interaction of people from different cu1tural backgrounds will undoubtedly have cunning effects on their views, although it is also a long process. What I talking about is some basic attitude of Chinese, it will help foreigner to understand Chinese better, but not always apply to every Chinese at every time.

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To What Extent Is the Commercialization of Sport a Positive Trend?

I feel that commercialisation of sports is inquisitive as it denies the sport fakes of their privacy. As the players would be constantly to a lower place the limelight, details of their lives, both the good and the bad, ar released to the public. For compositors case, in the recent tiger Woods s bathroomdal involving his numerous mistresses, his private life was broad casted to the public, attracting many criticisms. in that locationfore, the commercialisation of sports is bad as it compromises the personal space of the athletes. Per material bodyance may non be the main centre in all sports. Some community may take up a sport and to adduce a healthy lifestyle.Many sports, such as running and liquid merchantman be solitary and non-competitive. It does not matter if wiz does not perform fountainhead in the activity, as long as the individualistic feels that being traind in it bewilders benefit to his/her health. If the commercialization of sports were to cause v olume to develop a mindset that victory and quality of act is of conclusion importance, unnecessary pressure leave behind be imposed on the sportsman. Their prospect may change, resulting in them thinking that still those who can excel in the sport deserve to take part.This causes those who do sports for health benefits but ar not proficient to lose their penchant. Commercialization in this case is disadvantageous as it has the power to distort the mindset of wad negatively. The psychological phobic disorder may cause some people to be robbed of their chance to engage in a sport they bid. The commercialization of sports has set in exercise a shift in paradigm in sports exceptionally those which reckon teams. Players have become commodities to be traded and sold for extravagant sums of money and counterbalance clubs are being sold to the highest bidders.The trouble with this is that while sport utilize to be about performance excellence and hard work, clubs may right a g all overnment agency simply obtain victory by splurging astronomical amounts of money to obtain the best players that money can buy. Players no longer stay hardcore to the clubs that trained them and honed their skills but instead seek greener pastures where the pay is higher than the exorbitant amount it already is. The overall result of this is a lack of feel of loyalty and passion and also makes a case for the notion that success can be bought with money. commercialisation of sports leads to the erosion of its values. No longer is the focus about doing ones best to win, it is now about wea mobilize the branded goods. The promotional material of sports apparel or energy beverages gives the idea that without these goods, one cannot achieve their optimum point in sports. Some of these brands include Nike, Adidas and Gatorade. While they may process the bodys posture and movement, it is the persons perseverence that will pull them through. Commercialisation is plainly an other form of distrcation. Hence, commercialisation of sports is bad.Commercialisation of sports is bad. It seems that Sports had lost it true meaning. Sports is no longer a simple physical exercise but involves many other paying backs. Instead, ones popularity and ability to appeal to the public is more(prenominal) important then ones talent and skills. For example Anna Kournikova is the biggest tennis start yet she never won a dire slam, she gains a crowing amount of earnings through sponsorship alone Justin Henin(world no 1) is sufficient to earn in a lifetime. This have shown the disparity amongst both individuals.Therefore, I conclude that commercialisation of sports have led to people placing more emphasis on looks then talent. Nowadays, if one was to declare themselves a fan of Chelsea football club, the reply you would get would most probably earlier or After Roman Abramovich? Chelsea Football Club was bought over by a rich oil merchant in 2003, and this led to an arouse disadvantage of commercialisation in sport. Because of the large amount of capital that is provided to these clubs who are bought over by rich businessmen, they are able to buy their way to success.This effectively destroys sportsmanship in the spirit of competition and causes unfair advantages to smaller teams that do not have that large an amount of capital at their inclination and thus are unable to spend as freely. This is not just limited to football. Sport that are taken over by sponsorship or under ownership will all suffer from this disadvantage. In F1, Ferrari and MacLaren are al ways the teams that occupy the pole position whereas teams with less renowned cars like Toyota rarely become champions.Hence, commercialization has been proven to disrupt and distort the vie field, providing unfair economical and thus other advantages to current teams Commercialisation is graceful increasingly prevalent in sport and while this moral issue would generally be perceived as positive with the availability of more money and resources, many believe that the idea of sport as an attention has allowed volunteer(a) sport to become overly competitive and the rise of riots referable to sports, is a recognizable consequence of this. This change in many ways allowed us to enjoy the take of pro sport we enjoy in Singapore today.However, some believe the trickle down of commercialisation to amateur sports has appendd the tendency to provide some type of reward with athletes adopting an situation of winning no matter the cost. This is now even seen at heart the Olympics with athletes who live off their sport now competing in an amateur competition. Children in particular are today are socialised to value winning over playing fair. This affects their moral knowledge and development, ultimately affecting their decision making. Commercialisation of sports is bad as it only advertise certain types of sports as well as its players.This makes people believe that the sport being advertised is more popular than the rest. Furthermore, peoples knowledge on the types of sports will be limited. The same applies to the player being internationally well know. The player may not be the best player but receivable to the vast commercialising of him, it may charter a perception that he is the best player. As a result, people are ignorant about the worthiness of the players and their feelings are being toyed with if it is known that their favourite player is just an average sportsman. Therefore, commercialisation of sports is bad.Commercialisation is bad due to the social impact it resulted. It have been noted that many kids right away dream about making money through sports like hoops instead of just playing the game the love. For instance, a magazine named convulse talks about basketball and the players in NBA. It consists of an advertisement which asks What Sports Center do you watch. Then it says, Steve Francis watches the 6AM Sports Center. In my opinion, the advertisement is trying to use Steve Francis popularity to persuade audiences to watch the Sports Center. This is one example of companies using sports figures to sell their products.In the advertisement, the personation of Steve Francis in his house, shows us what really is important to him &8212 the pool and golf head for the hills in his back yard through the window in his bedroom. Hence, it is partially due to commercialisation of sports that many people look up to him in terms of his material possessions and not the way he plays basketball. Positive There will be an increase in higher quality of performance as people make to do better and win in sports. Funding and business profits from the commercializtion of sports enable sportsmen to improve themselves and thus ring the sport to higher grounds. If a player lacks equipment or proper learning grounds like, say a tennis court, funding and money can provide the player with what he requires to improve his sk ills. Sports has to be commercialized in order to gain these funds, and thus the commercialization of sports is good. Commercialisation plays an important utilisation in the sport existence. It helps to provide the funds and resources needed for athletes to be able to perform at their fullest electromotive force. Take a Track and Field athlete for example, without a proper pair of spikes the athlete cannot perform his best.Without commericalisation there will not be efficient athletes and without efficient athletes the sport cannot be exist. thusly commericalisation plays an important role in the sports industry to help keep sports alive by providing funds and resources needed. Another benefit for commercialization of sports is that amateur level sports can benefit through commercialization of sport at the professional level. Commercialization has brought greater exposure to sports such as A-League, NRL, Super 14 and these sports at an amateur level benefit directly through comm ercialization and the exposure brings it to a professional level sporIndeed, sports helps to sacrifice revenue not only for the benefit of creating more capital for sports but also to generate more revenues for different industries. Modern sports links to commerce are passing visible. Stadiums and arenas bear the names of businesses, sponsors logos are appearing on athletes enclothe and equipment and on the facilities they play in. Media companies pay a huge amount for the rights to dispense sports events, and advertisers pay to promote products during the screening of sports events.The revenue of a country would increase due to the commercialisation of sports as more international competitions will be held in the country. Advertisements of the tournament or competition would interest more foreigners and bring in greater revenue. This would be well(p) to the countrys economy. It was evident for the Beijing Olympics held in 2008 where many people turned up for the major event du e to commercialisation hence, contributing to chinawares economic growth the facilities built could still be used to train more athletes and sportsmen, hence, allowing them to perform at their full potential to prepare for future competitions.With better competitors, the sports event would be more provoke and entertaining to the viewers and this would generate revenue to the country especially if it is the one hosting the event. This would potentially lead to economic growth. In China, the commercialisation of sports was also a strategy to increase its soft power which is the ability to affect others to obtain the outcomes China wants. It has helped China to appear more attractive to other countries and this is the first stones throw for China to build political relations with other countries, making it beneficial for them.Commercialization of sports has resulted in the increase in the number and quality of sports shown on television today. Without commercial sponsorship, people would not be able to observe their favourite sports from their homes as closely as they want. Thus commercialization of sports has benefited parliamentary procedure in providing entertainmen Through commercialisation, sports have been able to reach out to large audiences. With the help of the business community, there is funding and also international coverage from the media.If not, international sports events such as the Olympic Games or the Sea Games would not be made possible. It is due to this support, that athletes are able to compete and to strive for the very best in such key international events. Furthermore, sponsorships and partnerships can help sports create opportunities, such as the Olympic Games, to not only survive but thrive in todays much economically and work-driven world. Moreover, commercialisation of sports can give a good exposure of the sport to youths of todays society.The lives of many youths today revolve around technology, leading to a very daily lifes tyle. Thus this exposure may lead to them picking up certain sports, diversifying and making their lifestyle more active instead of just using up hours on end on their computers. Thus, sports should be an important aspect of our lives and the only way to ensure it continues to flourish, especially in todays context, is through commercialisation.

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The Changing Role and Status of women in Britain since 1900 – source related study

1. fount A is useful as it shows how get together the Suffr be onttes were in 1908. It says in the caption beneath the photograph, that there was said to necessitate been 200000 tidy sum who attended. They look like they are determined to get what they want. or so of the wo workforce are holding banners, flowers and flags. at that place is a policeman in the shoetree of the picture. This shows that the police thought that the protest might become violent. The Suffragettes were known for barracking at meetings, deliberately trying to get arrested and get sent to prison, and in 1908 they began to attack properties. The Suffragettes believed that peaceful campaigns were getting them nowhere. In 1908, women had already achieved many improvements in their education, legal counterbalances and job opportunities.However they still wanted to earn the right to be satisfactory to vote in General Elections. This may be what the protest was for. The Suffragettes had a lot of support, pa rticularly in London. There were xxxiv branches of the WSPU in London al peerless and fifty-four branches in the rest of the republic. Source A shows that the Suffragettes are like a big team and family. They all(a) look determined to get what they want. The WSPUs motto was Deeds not Words, this meant that they believed that actions were stronger than words.Emmeline Pankhurst is hint the protest. In the Suffragettes first public demonstration in 1905 Emmeline said, Then amid uproar and shouting, the women were seized and flung out of the hall. In conclusion this source shows that the Suffragettes were a strong convocation of women who had strong opinions and views. This source shows that the Suffragette movement was a strong force to be reckoned with thus affecting quite a littles attitudes. There would be those people in spacious support, with many women openly and many offering passive support. Mens attitudes would be very different. Up until now the womens place was in the home. The polices attitude was one of recognition of their considerable power and they feared the implications of this, thus the police presence in Source A suggests the need for containment and prevention of violence.2. Source D and E are both extremely useful in showing us what peoples views nigh the Suffragettes were in 1910. Source D is taken from a British newspaper, and is obviously written by a man. It is reliable to show the some(a) peoples opinions of what the Suffragettes were doing at the time. Source E is alike useful as it is a postcard that was issued by the Suffragettes. It shows the suffragettes opinion. The postcard would be used to persuade people to become one of them. It shows what women could be a mayor or a nurse, and cant vote however men could be lunatics or drunkards and they can vote. This is dark as it has been created by the suffragettes, and is very one sided. However Source D is also sloped as it doesnt show the views of the suffragettes, only the writers view about what went on.In Source D the writer uses phrases such as mordant recklessness and desperate women to show how the country should be ashamed of the way the suffragettes bear acted. This newspaper article does not once say why the suffragettes were doing what they were doing. Im current many people agreed with what was written however I am also sure a lot of people were against what was written. In the advertise it says DISGRACEFUL SCENES Reckless Women Charge Headlong into Cordon of Police. The word disgraceful suggests that the country should be ashamed of the actions of the Suffragettes. Men expected women to be quiet and obedient so when women started to rebel against this stereotype, the campaign for womens votes was important news, especially with the papers. The Suffragettes began to create posters, which got them some humanity from people in the public.In Source E it says What a cleaning lady may be and yet not give way the Vote. Underneath, it has p ictures of women being a mayor, a nurse, a doctor, teacher and a factory hand. It also says what a man may put one across been and yet not lose the vote. Underneath, it has pictures of men being a convict, a lunatic, an owner of white slaves, being high-risk for service and a drunkard. Of course, women could also be all of the things the males are, and the males are able to have all of the livings the females have however in this postcard the women have only been shown as being good things, whereas the men have been shown as being bad. This would have got the suffragettes some more support.In conclusion I believe that both sources are equally reliable. They both are biased and they both show different opinions of different people at the time.3. When the initial World War began so many men had gone away(p) to fight, that women were needed to do their jobs. This meant that the number of women working in industry change magnitude massively. The contend made it acceptable for wome n to work in shipyards, collieries and brickyards. Some of them worked as highly expert engineers and carpenters. In some of these jobs, women were welcomed, however in others they were resented because they had petty(a) or no training for jobs, which had previously needed very skilled people.If there was an election during the war most soldiers wouldnt be able to vote. Women briefly realised that this could be their chance to pressurize the government to let them vote. There were no demonstrations, however there were many meetings between womens leaders and politicians and telegrams and earn were sent to MPs. In 1918 Parliament passed a new jurisprudence, which allowed women over the age of 30 to be able to vote.From my knowledge of what happened, I believe that the war was a big part of Parliament passing a law allowing women to vote. As there may not of been enough males in the country at the time of the war, to vote if there was an election, they needed females. I also thin k that because most men were away during the war, the women proved themselves to be useful, as they started doing work in factories and so on. Men had never seen females do this earlier so it may have been a shock to them to see that women could do things just as good as them. In Source J, Herbert Asquith says, I will find it impossible to withhold from women the power and the right of making their voices heard. This proves that women proved themselves by working while the men were away at war. They even convinced an ex prime minister that they were worthy of having a say about what goes on in there life.The war didnt succor the French Suffragette women gain the vote.In conclusion I do agree with the statement Without the First World War British women would not have gained the right to vote in 1918. I also believe that women would not have received as much respect from men as they do today if the war hadnt of happened. Women had a chance to prove to people that they were able to d o things just as well as men in this period of time.