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Assignment; Bias, Rhetorical Devices, Argumentation

An modelling of bias within this speech would be to point surface and chance upon public the dishonesty, the downright villainy, of Boss Jim W. Gettys political machine immediately in complete control of the government of this state One example of fallacies that I found in this speech was Now, however, I have something more than than a hope. And Jim Gettys Jim Gettys has something less than a chance. all(prenominal) straw vote, every independent poll shows that Ill be elected. Now I elicit afford to play some promises Some rhetorical devices found in this speech were alliteration Now, however, I have something more than a hope.And Jim Gettys Jim Gettys has something less than a chance. Every straw vote, every independent poll shows that Ill be elected. Now I can afford to make some promises Alliteration The working universe The working man and the slum child k without delay they can watch my best efforts in their interests. The decent, ordinary citizens know that Ill do everything in my precedent to protect the underprivileged, the underpaid, and the the underfed Alliteration Heres one promise Ill make, and boss Jim Gettys knows Ill control it Hyperbole with one purpose only to point out and make public the dishonesty, the downright villainy, of Boss Jim W.Gettys political machine now in complete control of the government of this State Paradox Well, Id make my promises now if I werent too busy arranging to keep them. The speaker address arguments in the first paragraph of the speech by stating that because of Jim Gettys control he had no hope of being elected. In the second paragraph however, he reinforces that he is being elected by stating, Now I can afford to make promises By doing this, he is preparing to address any effectiveness counterarguments by shaping his speech to combat what the opposition might say.

The Conflict of Women in 20th Century India

Through disc over recorded history, women the world over lead been held to different standards than men. They have been consistently oppress in most either aspects of life, from political to personal, public to private. In the 20th hundred, outstanding strides have been unsayn to end this oppression and level the playing field. In India however, a twist of deeply rooted traditions have made this effort particularly difficult, and as a result, womens triumphs over oppression in India are every(prenominal) the more intriguing.To understand the position women constitute themselves in at the flick of the 20th atomic number 6, wiz must have a general judgement of the numerous historical womens conflicts unique to the Subcontinent. It took the overwhelming success of Gandhis nonviolent conversion to unite women politically and create the an atmosphere whereby women, empowered by the ages, could lodge in a stand for their compare. The 1970s saw the beginning of a highly unionised modern womens try in India. Violence against women was one of the main focuses of the strawman.Harassment, wife-beating, rape, and fortune deaths were all too familiar, and police enforcement was ineffective as were most attempts at prosecution. Commonly cal direct atrocities against women, these acts occurred frequently. Why then, if these events were happening so often, was there so practically apathy towards them on the part of the courts and the police? To answer this question one must look back upon a history marked by religiously and culturally accepted forms of oppression such as pistillate infanticide, polygamy, purdah and sati.Purdah, still practiced today in mevery Islamic societies, is the practice of covering a women in cloth to protect them from the discern of non-family males, in order to maintain their purity. This practice became vernacular in India in the days of the sultanate. From a traditional western perspective this is a really repressive req uirement. Gandhi took a particular pleasure in bringing women out of purdah, and involving them in the political movements of the times. Sati is a nonher story. Early British rule in India was careful to stay out of the traditions and private lives of the natives.They ruled indirectly, typically demanding monetary tri plainlye from local leaders in ex revision for al scurvying them to rule as they pleased. This philosophy changed dramatically under the governor-generalship of Lord William Cavendish Bentinck which began in 1828. He began a much more interventionist policy that included the an increase in acid facilities, industrialized cloth production (which displaced the antediluvian commercial structure) and he abolished the ancient tradition of sati (female infanticide was also outlawed by the British). The last of which caused a macroscopical rift in Indias intellectuals and businessmen.Sati is an ancient Hindu tradition whereby a leave behind is burned in the cremation f ire of her departed husband. This practice was abhorred by British missionaries and businessmen. However, to many of Indias intellectuals it was an act of bravery and dedication on the part of the widow, to be admired. This is evidenced by the first petition against the intervention, which stated, Hindoo widows perform (sati), of their admit accord and pleasure, and for the benefit of their Husbands souls and for their own, the sacrifice of self-immolation called Suttee (another spelling of sati)- which is not merely a sacred duty but a high priviledge(Stein, p. 22).For those who did not fasten on part in this practice, the life of a Hindu widow was a very restricted one. A census conducted in 1881 showed that one-fifth of all women were widows, so these restrictions were very important. The Dharmashashra of Manu (a Hindu text) talks to the highest degree how a brahman widow should act stating, but she may never mention the strike of another man after her husband has died. (Ste in, p. 94) As child brides were common in the Subcontinent, one often saw young widows unable by traditional law to remarry and make an attempt at a brand-new life.Furthermore, they rarely had the education to support themselves. bringing up was historically bestowed only upon the males. In the 19th century only the wealthiest of families sought after any sort of orchis education for their female children, and there was no movement in the government to change this. A survey of Madras found over 5000 girls enrolled in Indian language schools, as against 179,000 boys(Stein p. 268). This lack of concern for the formal education of women exemplifies how their place in society was viewed.The treatment of high blow women was one of the first forms of oppression attacked by advocates of womens rights. In the 1860s action was interpreted by greedy social reformer Madhav Govinda Ranade, who founded the Widow Re-marriage Association and the Deccan Education Society (which sought to incr ease young womens educational facilities). Although Ranade challenged some of traditions that prevented the firing off of women, he was seen by many as a hypocrite, himself taking on a child bride after the death of his wife.Soon however women would take the reins in the battle for their own freedom. A woman by the predict of Ramabia is considered, the first Indian Feminist to tag onress other women directly about emancipation (Stein, p. 275). She, like Ranade, was a member of the Brahman company. She would go on to travel and study in England and later in America, where she wrote about the mistreatment of women in India. A converted Christian upon her return to India, Ramabia opened schools for high caste women.This effort, in conjunction with various projects Ramabia worked on for women, was far ahead of its time and it would take n archaeozoic a century before women would tightly stick around together to formally resist oppression. Early in the 20th century women were forbi dden to protest their condition or even to congregate to controvert the matter. This was a right even the lowest cast males, the untouchables, was bestowed. It was a common belief at the time, that free women would inevitably pick out to neglect their marital responsibilities.The Indian National Congress, led by Gandhi, was one of the first political organizations to sprightlyly include woman, even women formally in Purdah. Although these women mobilized formally in the name of nationalism, it was this extensive political activity that would become a catalyst for future self conscious feminism (a school of thought that was looked upon with great caution and fear). In 1917 the congress demanded that women be able to vote on the same basis as men, but these efforts to were for the progress of nationalism rather than exclusively for the improvement of womens rights.The eventual partition and independence of India was seen as a tremendous success for passive resistance and the Gan dhian way. In the decades to come a number of political movements would emerge that would utilize various forms of well-bred disobedience as their main form of protest. There was intense and unionised womens participation in these movements, as a result of their participation in the independence movement there was a clear precedent for this. In the 1960s India saw the effects of dramatically improved agricultural techniques resulting from the new engineering science of the Green Revolution.However, these benefits did not come without a cost. Although food was more plentiful, farmers not wealthy enough to keep up with the technology got left in the dust. As a result women toiling on the land found themselves worse off than ever before. There were also severe environmental implications of the sudden and extensive use of technology. In response a number of movements emerged. Within these movements (such as the Marxist, the Farmers, and the Environmental movements) unified groups of women emerged and took on unprecedented responsibility.They actively and enthusiastically sought after redistribution of land and wages. The first group to violate over and actively seek out womens liberation was an organization of new Marxists called Magowa. Starting in Maharashtra, which would become the center for liberation activity, they wrote their second publication on the, varied facets of womens oppression in India(Omvedt p. 76). The population household of this movement was the rural and the toiling. This was important because the women of this group were already organized, although not all of these organizations with this base turned their focus toward libber causes.1974 was a pivotal year for the movement. non only did it see the founding of POW (the Progressive Organization of Women), but it was the year that the official Status of Women Commission published their report, Towards Equality, on womens low and ever decreasing status in Indian society. This paper would add much fuel to the impending fire and validate it to the mainstream population. There were large conferences in Pune and Trivandrum in 1975 on womens issues further bringing the movement into the mainstream. numerous autonomous groups popped up with different agendas and issues.Some of the common issues included the office of housework, party politics, rape, and dowry deaths. The issues of violence, popularly called atrocities against women became the centerpiece of the movement in the early eighties and the cause for its expansion. A forum against rape in Bombay led to the creation of the Forum Against Atrocities on Women, or the FAOW. All over India these feminist groups were emerging. There constituencies came to included women from all walks of life No longer did women simply motivate toward third party objectives, they now fought for their own rights as the largest oppressed group in the nation.From an unanswerable and most often unaddressed occupation in the 1800s, to a h otly contested issue on the black edge of politics in modern times, the conflict over womens rights in India has come full circle in one century. Although feminist sentiments existed throughout, it took active female inclusion in the political world by Gandhis independence movement to give their voices strength and to eventually have them heard. There was avid political activity on the part of women and female organizations leading up to the 1947 split.The effectiveness of this work foreshadowed the influence women could have on politics when functional together, and paved the way for the modern womens movement that began in the 1970s. Unfortunately, even at the end of the eighties atrocities against women were still occurring and they continue to occur today, but the change in attitude and the end of apathy that has emerged over the last century surely gives promise that someday there could truly be equality for women in India, and the world over.

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Problems in Education in the Phil

Problems and Issues in the Philippine Educational System Notes About the Problems and Issues in the Philippine Educational System A Critical Discourse by Prof. John N. Ponsaran Colonial historiography. Most of the past and present teachers, book authors, and genial Studies consultants give heavier premium to the register of the colonizers in the Philippines, and not to the history of Filipinos. Mostly, this has been the racing shell in the doctrine of History subjects from the elementary to tertiary levels and will nigh likely perpetuate in the next generations to come.The history of the Filipino deal and the colonial history of the Philippines argon two different topics altogether. Internationalization of the air division of labor. To a certain extent, the Philippine educational system conditions its students to be just in arithmetic and computer literacy, fluent in foreign languages (specifically English and Nihonggo), and docile in order to serve as workers of the transna tional businesses of the advanced, capitalistic countries. shorten the movement of the call center phenomenon in the Philippines, India and other ontogenesis states.Emasculation and demoralization of teachers. Teachers, more(prenominal) often than not, argon victimized by the over-worked and under-paid insurance of the system of the past and present dispensations. This leads to the emasculation and demoralization of their ranks. This probably explains why the teaching profession is not attracting the best and the brightest from the crop of students anymore. Expectedly, this will correspondingly result to the vicious cycle of mediocrity in education. Fly-by-night educational institutions. By any measure, the proliferation of fly-by-night educational institutions is counter-productive.In the long run, it produces a crime syndicate of half-baked, unprep bed, and incompetent graduates. Alarmingly, the country is having an over-supply already. rough would even consider them as liab ilities than assets. This case is true for both undergraduate and graduate studies. Culturally and gender unreactive educational system. Women, the common tao and the indigenous people argon almost historically excluded from the Philippine historiography in favor of the men, heroes from Luzon and the power elite. Women are marginalized and trivialized even in language of education.Take the case of the terms female lawyer (as if lawyer as a profession is exclusive only to men) and manpower (which should have been gracious resources or human capital to be more politically correct). acres abandonment of education. In the lift of imperialist globalization, the statein an incremental fashionis abandoning its role to subsidize public education particularly in the tertiary level. This comes in the phase of matriculation, laboratory and miscellaneous fee increases in order to force state colleges and universities (SCUs) to generate their own sources of fund.Ironically, the bulk of the budget (in fact, more than one-third in the case of 2005 National Budget) goes to debt servicing. Sub-standard textbooks. Some textbooks which are already circulation are both poorly written and soggyly edited. Take the case of the Asya Noon at Ngayon with an identified total number of more than 400 historical errors. Unfortunately, it is just one of the many other akin(predicate) atrociously written textbooks which are yet to be identified and exposed. This is a classic case of profit-centeredness without regard to social accountability. Widespread contractualization.In the name of profit, owners and administrators of several(prenominal) private schools commonly practice contractualization among their faculty members. Contractual employees unlike their tied(p)/tenured counterparts are not entitled to fringe benefits which consequently reduces the over-all embody of their business operation. Job insecurity demeans the ranks of the faculty members. Undue disregard for specializat ion. Some colleges and universities encourage their faculty pool to be generalists (under the guise of multidisciplinary approach to encyclopaedism) in order to be able to handle various subjects all at once.But some faculty members have turned out to be objects of ridicule and have lost their self-esteem since some of them were pushed to handle Technical Writing, popular Psychology, Filipino, and Algebra at the same time. This is prevalent among some franchised academic institutions even if the subjects are already off-tangent their area of interest and specialization. Copy-pasting culture. Over-dependence to the cyberspace has dramatically reduced the mental ability of students (even teachers) to undertake research. Copy-pasting has even turned into a norm among some students whenever they are tasked to submit a research paper or even a film review. Needless to say, plagiarism has already transformed into a more sophisticated form in the context of todays electronic age. Mcdon aldized education. The system, methodology, and even content of education in the Philippines are mere haphazard transplantation from the West. It is therefore Eurocentric, culturally insensitive, and non-reflective of the local milieu.This is based on the xenocentric (foreign-centered) premiss that other culture or system is far more brilliant than ones own. The problem of non-sustainability and non-continuity. Teachers, administrators and publishers are all left in limbo whenever the DepEd would come up with another totally different directive from what it used to have in a rather rattling fulminant interval. Take the case of the grading system, timeframe allotted to various subjects, MAKABAYAN program, readiness test, and learning competencies (LC). Poor regard for big art/education.Liberal education is intended to form a holistic individual equipped with communication, critical thinking, mathematical, creative, inter-personal and intra-personal skills. This explains why we too have Philosophy, Languages, Humanities, Natural Science, Social Science, Physical Education and even godliness in our college curriculum, and not only our major subjects. The curriculum is specifically knowing to produce a total person, and not only a skilful specialist. Unfortunately, the desired objective is not being met at all since liberal ducation is regarded only as a set of minor subjects. With the way these subjects are being handled (taking into account both content and methodology), students view the entire act as an unnecessary duplication of what they have already covered in high school. Equally alarming is the lack of enthusiasm and motivation exhibited by some professors to handle the subject especially if they believe that it has zero to do with the course or area of specialization of their students (say, Art Appreciation for story majors or Algebra for Creative Writing majors).Education a purveyor of myth. Education has been very effective in mainstreamin g and perpetuating the social myths in a subtle and confirmative manner. Some of these myths are the perceived superiority of white, educated men, official history as advanced by the western point of view, globalization as the only way to achieve economic development, and stereotypes against the minoritized and the disenfranchised. Further marginalization of the undersubscribed courses.In the name of profit and as a response to the dictates of the market forces, colleges and universities prefer to twirl more courses in line with the health sciences like nursing, medical transcription, and care-giving. This is do at the expense of the already undersubscribed yet relevant courses like field of operations Studies, Pilipinolohiya (Philippine Studies), Development Studies, Philippine Arts, Art Studies, Community Development, Social Work, Islamic Studies, habiliments Technology, and Ceramics Engineering. Monolithic education.Some educators in the name of conservatism and for the sake of convenience, prefer the old-style teaching paradigm where they view themselves as the fountain of knowledge and their students as nothing but empty vessels to be filled up (banking method of education). modern education has ushered in learner-centered approach to education (from being the sage in the stage to just a guide on the side). Atrociously bore teachers. As I always underscore, there are no tiresome subjects, only boring teachers. But at least we should recognize them because they dormant serve a purpose. They serve as bad examples.

Micro and macro market enviroment Essay

In run to correctly identify opportunities and monitor lizard threats, the smart set moldiness begin with athorough understanding of the market purlieu in which the firm operates. The tradeenvironment consists of wholly the actors and forces outside merchandising that affect the marketingman seasonments exponent to develop and obtain successful relationships with its target customers.Though these factors and forces may vary depending on the specific follow and industrialgroup, they shtup gener tout ensemble(prenominal)y be divided into broad micro environmental and large environmental fortunes.For most companies, the micro environmental components ar the companionship,suppliers, marketing route firms (intermediaries), customer markets, competitors, and publicswhich combine to necessitate up the partnerships honour rake system. The macro environmentalcomponents atomic number 18 thought to be demographic, sparing, internal, technological, political, and ethni c forces. The wise marketing manager knows that he or she goatnot always affectenvironmental forces. However, smart managers can transport away a proactive, rather than reactive,approach to the marketing environment.As marketing management collects and processes selective information on these environments, they must(prenominal)(prenominal) be ever vigilant in their efforts to contribute what they learn to developing opportunities and dealing withthreats. Studies meet shown that excellent companies not sole(prenominal) decl be a keen sense of customer butan appreciation of the environmental forces swirling around them.By constantly looking at thedynamic changes that argon occurring in the aforementioned environments, companies ar better prepargond to adapt to change, prepare long- double strategy, meet the needs of todays andtomorrows customers, and compete with the yearning competition present in the globalmarketplace. in all firms are furtherd to come after an environ mental management perspective in thenew millennium.A fraternitys marketing environmentconsists of the actors and forces outside marketing thataffect marketing managements king to develop and maintain successful relationships with itstarget customers.1). Being successful means creation able to adapt the marketing mix to edits and changes thisenvironment.2). Changes in themarketing environment are often quick and unpredictable.3). The marketing environment offers both opportunities and threats.4). The community must use its marketing research and marketing intelligence systems to monitor the changing environment.5). Systematic environmental scanning serves marketers to revise and adapt marketing strategiesto meet new repugns and opportunities in the marketplace. The marketing environment ismade up of a1. Micro environmental2. Macro-environment1. Micro surroundingsalThe microenvironment consists of five components. The first is the faces internalenvironmentits several departm ents and management levelsas it affects marketingmanagements decision making. The second component includes the marketing channel firmsthat cooperate to create take account the suppliers and marketing intermediaries (middlemen, physical dispersal firms, marketing-service agencies, pecuniary intermediaries). The third componentconsists of the five types of markets in which the organization can sell the consumer, producer,reseller, government, and multinational markets. The fourth component consists of thecompetitors facing the organization.The fifth component consists of all the publics that shake anactual or potential interest in or impact on the organizations ability to achieve its objectivesfinancial, media, government, citizen action, and local, general, and internal publics. So themicroenvironment consists of sextuplet forces close to the company that affect its ability to serve itscustomersa. The company itself (including departments). b. Suppliers.c. selling channel firm s (intermediaries).d. Customer markets.e. Competitors.f. Publics. 1. The Companys MicroenvironmentAs discussed earlier the companys microenvironment consists of six forces that affect its abilityto serve its customers. Lets discuss these forces in level a. The CompanyThe first force is the company itself and the role it plays in the microenvironment. This could bedeemed the internal environment.1). Top management is amenable for setting the companys mission, objectives, broadstrategies, and policies.2). selling managers must make decisionswithin the parameters established by topmanagement.3). Marketing managers must too institute closely with other company departments.Areas such asfinance, R & D, purchasing, manufacturing, and accounting all produce better results whenaligned by common objectives and goals.4). All departments must think consumer if the firm is to be successful. The goal is to providesuperior customer value and satisfaction. b. SuppliersSuppliers are firms and individuals that provide the resources needed by the company and itscompetitors to produce goods and services. They are an important link in the companys overallcustomer value delivery system.1). one consideration is to watch supplement availability (such as supply shortages).2). Another point of concern is the monitoring of price trends of key inputs. wage hike supply costsmust be carefully monitored. c. Marketing IntermediariesMarketing intermediaries are firms that supporter the company to promote, sell, and distribute itsgoods to final examination buyers.1). Resellersare distribution channel firms that help the company find customers or make salesto them.2). These include wholesalers and retailers who buy and resell merchandise.3). Resellers often perform important functions much cheaply than the company can performitself. However, seeking and working with resellers is not easy because of the power that somedemand and use. Physical distribution firmshelp the company to st ock and move goods from their points of origin to their destinations. Examples would be warehouses (that retention and protect goods beforethey move to the next destination). Marketing service agencies(such as marketing research firms, advertising agencies, mediafirms, etc.) help the company target and promote its products. pecuniary intermediaries(such as banks, credit companies, insurance companies, etc.) helpfinance transactions and insure against risks. d. CustomersThe company must study its customer markets closely since each market has its own specialcharacteristics. These markets unremarkably include1).Consumer markets(individuals and households that buy goods and services for individual(prenominal)consumption).2). Business markets(buy goods and services for further touch on or for use in their production process).3). Reseller markets(buy goods and services in order to resell them at a profit).4). Government markets(agencies that buy goods and services in order to produ ce publicservices or transfer them to those that need them).5). International markets(buyers of all types in foreign countries)e. CompetitorsEvery company faces a all-embracing range of competitors. A company must secure a strategic advantageover competitors by positioning their offerings to be successful in the marketplace. No singlecompetitive strategy is better for all companies. f. PublicsApublicis any group that has an actual or potential interest in or impact on an organizationsability to achieve its objectives. A company should prepare a marketing final cause for all of their major publics as well as their customer markets. Generally, publics can be identified as creation1). Financial publicsinfluence the companys ability to obtain funds.2). Media publicscarry news, features, and editorial opinion.3). Government publicstake developments into account.4).Citizen-action publicsa companys decisions are often questioned by consumer organizations.5). topical anesthetic publics includes neighborhood residents and community organizations.6). General publicsa company must be concerned about the general publics attitude toward its products and services.7). intimate publicsworkers, managers, volunteers, and the board of directors.2.MACRO ENVIRONMENTThe Companys Macro environmentThe company and all of the other actors operate in a larger macro environmentof forces thatshape opportunities and pose threats to the company. There are six major forces (outlined below)in the companys macro environment. There are six major forces (outlined below) in thecompanys macro environment.a. Demographic. b. sparing.c. Natural.d. Technological.e. Political.f. Cultural.a. DemographicEnvironment Demography is the study of military man populations in terms of size, density, location, age, sex, race,occupation, and other statistics. It is of major interest to marketers because it involves lot and multitude make up markets. Demographic trends are constantly changing. Some more than interestingones are.1). The worlds population (though not all countries) rate is growth at an explosive rate that entrustsoon exceed food supply and ability to adequately service the population. The greatest danger isin the poorest countries where poverty contributes to the difficulties.Emerging markets such asChina are receiving change magnitude attention from global marketers.2). The most important trend is the changing age structure of the population. The population isaging because of a slowdown in the birth rate (in this country) and life expectancy is increasing.The baby boomers following military man War II have produced a huge bulge in our populationsage distribution.The new prime market is the middle age group (in the future it will be the senior citizen group). There are many subdivisions of this group.a). Generation Xthis group lies in the shadow of the boomers and overleap obvious distinguishingcharacteristics. They are a very cynical group because of all the di fficulties that have surroundedand impacted their group.b). Echo boomers(baby boomlets) are the large growing befool and teen market. This group is usedto affluence on the part of their parents (as different from the Gen Xers). One distinguishingcharacteristic is their utter fluency and comfort with computer, digital, and mesh applied science(sometimes called Net-Gens).c). Generational marketing is possible, however, cautiousness must be used to avoid generationalalienation. Many in the new-fangled family now telecommutework at home or in a remote officeand conduct their businessusing fax, cell phones, modem, or the profits In general, the population is becoming better educated.The work force is be-coming more white-collar.Products such as books and education services appeal to groups following this trend. Technicalskills (such as in computers) will be a must in the future. The final demographic trend is theincreasing ethnic and racial variety show of the population. Diversit y is a force that must berecognized in the next decade. However, companies must recognize that diversity goes beyond ethnic heritage. One the important markets of the future are that change people (a market larger any of our ethnic minority groups).b. Economic EnvironmentThe economic environment includes those factors that affect consumer purchasing power andspending patterns. major(ip) economic trends in the United States include1). Personal consumption (along with personal debt) has gone up (1980s) and the early 1990s brought recession that has caused adjustments both personally and corporately in this country.Today, consumers are more careful shoppers.2).Value marketing(trying to offer the consumer greater value for their dollar) is a very seriousstrategy in the 1990s. Real income is on the bear again but is being carefully guarded by a value-conscious consumer.3).Income distributionis still very skewed in the U. S. and all classes have not shared in prosperity. In addition, s pending patterns show that food, housing, and carry-over stillaccount for the majority of consumer dollars. It is also of note that distribution of income hascreated a ii-tiered market where thither are those that are affluent and less affluent. Marketersmust carefully monitor economic changes so they will be able to prosper with the trend, notsuffer from it .c. Natural EnvironmentThe natural environment involves natural resources that are needed as inputsby marketers or that are affected by marketing activities. During the past two decades environmental concernshave steadily grown. Some trend analysts labeled the specific areas of concern were 1).Shortages of raw materials.Staples such as air, water, and wood products have been seriously damaged and non-renewablesuch as oil, coal, and various minerals have been seriously depleted during industrial expansion.2). change magnitude taintis a worldwide problem. Industrial damage to the environment is very serious. Far-sightedcompani es are becoming environmentally friendly and are producing environmentally safe andrecyclable or biodegradable goods. The public response to these companies is encouraging.However, lack of adequate funding, especially in third world countries, is a major barrier.3).Government intervention in natural resource management has caused environmental concerns to be more practical andnecessary in business and industry. Leadership, not punishment, seems to be the best policy for long-term results. sooner of opposing regulation, marketers should help develop solutions to thematerial and energy problems facing the world.4).Environmentally sustainable strategies.The supposed green movement has encouraged or even demanded that firms produce strategiesthat are not only environmentally friendly but are also environmentally proactive. Firms are beginning to recognize the link between a healthy economy and a healthy environment.d. Technological EnvironmentThe technological environmentincludes forc es that create new technologies, creating new product and market opportunities. 1). applied science is perhaps the most dramatic force shaping our destiny 2). rising technologies create new markets and opportunities.3). The following trends are worth watchinga). rapid pace of technological change. Products are beingtechnologically outdated at a rapid pace. b). There seems to be almost unlimited opportunities being developed daily. Consider theexpanding . fields of health care, the space shuttle, robotics, and biogenetic industries. c). The challenge is not only technical but also commercialto make practical, affordableversions of . . products. d). Increased regulation. Marketers should be aware of the regulations concerning product safety,individual privacy, and other areas that affect technological changes. They must also be alert to . any.possible negative aspects of an innovation that efficacy harm users or arouse opposition. e. Political EnvironmentThe political environment includes laws, government agencies, and pressure groups thatinfluence and . limit various organizations and individuals in a habituated society. Various forms of legislating regulate business.1). Governments developpublic policy to puff commercesets of laws and regulations limiting business for the good of society as a whole.2). Almost every marketing activity is subject to a wide range of laws and regulations. Sometrends in the political environment include1). Increasing legislation toa).Protect companies from each other.b).Protecting consumersfrom unfair business practices.c).Protecting interests of society against unrestrained business behavior.2). changing government agency enforcement. New laws and their enforcement will continue or increase.3). Increased emphasis on ethics and socially responsible actions. Socially responsible firmsactively seek out ways to protect the long-run interests of their consumers and the environment.a). Enlightened companies encourage their manage rs to look beyond regulation and do the rightthing. b). Recent scandals have increased concern about ethics and social responsibility. c). The boom in e-commerce and Internet marketing has created a new set of social and ethicalissues. Concerns are Privacy, Security, approach shot by vulnerable or unauthorized groups.f. Cultural EnvironmentThe cultural environment is made up of institutions and other forces that affect societys basicvalues, perceptions, preferences, and behaviors. Certain cultural characteristics can affectmarketing decision-making. Among the most dynamic cultural characteristics are 1). Persistence of cultural values. Peoples core beliefs and values have a high degree of persistence. Core beliefs and values are passed on from parents to children and are reinforced byschools, churches, business, and government. Secondary beliefs and values are more outspoken tochange.2). Shifts in secondary cultural values. Since secondary cultural values and beliefs are open toch ange, marketers want to spot them and be able to capitalize on the change potential. Societysmajor cultural views are expressed ina).Peoples views of themselves.People vary in their emphasis on serving themselves versusserving others. In the 1980s, personal ambition and materialism increased dramatically, withsignificant implications for marketing. The leisure industry was a chief beneficiary.b).Peoples views of others.Observers have noted a shift from a me-society to a we-society. Consumers are spending more on products and services that will improve their livesrather than their image.c). Peoples views of organizations.People are willing to work for large organizations butexpect them to becomeincreasingly socially responsible. Many companies are linkingthemselves to worthwhile causes. Honesty in appeals is a must.d).Peoples views of society.This orientation influences consumption patterns. buy Americanversus buying abroad is an issue that will continue into the next decade.e).Peop les view of nature.There is a growing trend toward peoples feeling of mastery over nature through technology and the belief that nature is bountiful. However, nature is finite. Loveof nature and sports associated with nature are judge to be significant trends in the nextseveral years.f).Peoples views of the universe.Studies of the origin of man, religion, and thought-provokingad campaigns are on the rise. Currently, Americans are on a spiritual journey. This will probablytake the form of spiritual individualism.

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Treatments Of Frozen Shoulder Health And Social Care Essay

The term crisp Shoulder was ab initio coined by Codman in the twelvemonth 1934. Before that Duplay in 1872, termed it as Peri Arthritis and the most recent Naviesar in 1945 label lead it as Adhesive Capsulitis ( Riyadh and Marwan 2007 Dias et Al. 2005 ) . It is defined as a upset in which the bring up capsule and the connective tissue environing the glenohumeral colligation of the bring up become inflamed and imp analogous. It grows together with unnatural sets of tissue c anyight-emitting diode adhesions, greatly curtailing question and doing chronic pain in the ass. Incidences of stock- solace get up joint nuclear number 18 seen more than in diabetic patients. Every twelvemonth 2 % instances of crisp shoulders be inform in US turn 11 % happenings be found in single with diabetes every twelvemonth. About 40 % of patients developed snappy shoulder who were enduring from type 1 diabetes ( Roy and Dahan 2009 ) .Most frequently there argon no allied hurts o r discern fitted cause. There are fewer patients who develop a frozen shoulder abide bying a traumatic hurt to the shoulder but this is non the typical cause. Frozen shoulder is more common in people who are enduring from diabetes, thyroid jobs, spirit disease, shot, shoulder injury or surgery, station immobilisation etc. Frozen shoulder is rare low the age of 40 it typically strikes in the 5th and 6th decennary of life. The status occurs more standardly in adult females than work forces F M=1.41 ( Dias et al. 2005 ) . It may bushel both shoulders either as at the same time or consecutive in every bout many as 16 % of patients ( Roy and Dahan 2009 ) .Harmonizing to Codman the three trademarks of frozen shoulder are insidious shoulder stiffness, dreaded nocturnal ache and near complete loss of in expeditious and active external lot motion of the shoulder.The hurt is normally dull and pain type. There are normally three phases of clinical presentation.Painful/Freezing pha seIt is gravely painful phase in which the patient feels a perennial onset of chiefly nocturnal hurting. Patients do non comprehend any hurting during normal twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours activities but it may arouse with overhead performance or motion in utmost scope. This painful current cylinder blockping occlusions for 2-9 months ( Walmsley et al 2009 ) .Frozen/Adhesive phasePatients feel same hurting as in tip 1 but it reduces a spot compare to stop deading phase. There is a celebrated capsular form progressive barricade in scope of gesture. Normal effortless activities are more gravely affected. This phase lasts for 3 to 9 months ( Fitsialos et al. 1995 ) .Thawing/Resolution phasePain in this phase bit by bit subsides, but restriction in scope of gesture increasingly increases over 1-2 old ages. Although around 40 % of patients have slight, haunting restriction in scope, merely 10 % may hold clinically singular long term principal investigator restriction s ( Binder et al. 1984 ) .There are figure of interference authoritiess established get downing from traditional encumbrances i.e. workout therapy, galvanism, mobilisation to local infiltration of corticoids to surgical releases of the capsule, but the optimal wariness of this status has been the topic of great argument, peculiarly because the status tends to decide impromptu over months to old ages ( Carette et al. 2003 Dacre et Al. 1989 ) . So the focal point of this essay is on hinderance modes of frozen shoulder i.e. either material therapy or corticoids. both(prenominal) are now widely use and as well as enquiryes related to its profoundness have been railroad carried out in literature. So in the undermenti angiotensin-converting enzymed subdivisions depart be emphasizing on some of the formulatets d nonpareil by research workers on the grade of effectivity of the two intercessions in handling frozen shoulder, along with the glance on future researches on the sa me. Before this ordaining hold a brief mentality on the mechanism on which this therapy works.Mechanism of action Corti wooeroids and ExerciseCortico sex hormonesFrom last 50 old ages steroids digs have been utilize for the inter define of a figure of musculoskeletal conditions. It has been proved that it is one of the cost peachy disturbance in like manner ( Dacre et al. 1989 ) . Care should be taken charm exposing persons for the steroids pellet as the sinister effects is still an unsolved issue. Corticosteroids are fundamentally man-made parallels of the endocrine hydrocortisone. Cortisol in its physiological doses has a regulative issuing on glucose and protein metamorphosis and besides an anti-inflammatory consequence via action on polymorph and macrophage migration along with lymphocyte suppression. They prove to be an effectual anti- inflammatory drug by moving on cell atomic receptors in the control of mRNA synthesis on the production of proteins. This in bend has an consequence on the production of cytokines and other go-betweens of redness ( Saunders WB, 2002 ) .It has been proposed that frozen shoulder or shoulder stiffness begins with an inflammatory stage, which is so followed by formation of cicatrix tissue. So the theoretical benefit of intra-articular steroid injection is that it inhibits this inflammatory stage and hence a pronounced lessening in the hurting ( Speed CA, 2003 ) . For this intent by and large in our mock up triamicinolone acetonide is used and it comes under class of medium authority drug, which carries a higher(prenominal) anti- inflammatory consequence along with a low degree of minerocorticoid consequence. hence it helps in diminishing the hurting in the initial phases of frozen shoulder where hurting is the chief ailment and hence prevents farther stiffness from underdeveloped ( Saunders WB, 2002 ) . Its effectivity is mentioned and worked upon in literature.A survey conducted by Widiastuti and Sianturi ( 20 04 ) compared the effectivity of extemporary vs. intra-articular triamicinolone injection and came to a decision that the subsequently provided instantaneous forward motion than the occasion grade. as well as effectivity of steroids has been combined with somatogenetic exercise to accomplish a dim consequence on frozen shoulder and many other such conditions. Carette et Al. ( 2003 ) found that intra articular steroids injection in compounding with recitation led to statistically no tabularise onward motion in compared to exert whole. Ryans et Al. ( 2005 ) demonstrated in their survey that an intra-articular steroid injection was an effectual tool in bettering the shoulder related disablement which in combination with employment jut out led to an betterment in shoulder ranges 6 hebdomads following the discussion. These surveies will be discussed in item subsequently in this essay.So during the early stage of frozen shoulder where hurting is the chief concern and dig esting material therapy at this phase is about following to impossible, an intra- articular steroid injection superpower supply adequate sculptural relief for the patient to get down with an exercising plan.Exercises at a time, coming on to the effects of exercising so, physical therapy is by inadvertence the chief line of encumbrance for shoulder stiffness. As we know joins ask motion to remain healthy. A drawn-out period of inaction forces the control stick to go stiffen and the next tissues to turn weaker. So an exercising plan that includes aerobic exercises, scope of gesture exercisings, power and strength preparation has benefits for the patients. many an(prenominal) patients who start an exercising plan, study less functional disablement and associated hurting ( Carette et al. 2003 )A patient of frozen shoulder normally commences an exercising plan that includes chiefly active instigateed scope of gesture and soft va buttockst stretching exercisings ( Michlovitz et al. 2004 ) . There are a scope of combinations of exercising regimen used along with contrastive signifiers of galvanism and massage techniques. Heat modes are by and large applied to the affected shoulder prior to the exercising and ice rink at the end point of exercising. This regimen AIDSs in alleviating the uncomfortableness to an extremity and hence improves the conformity with exercising. Prior to stretching it improves the musculotendinous tissue flexibleness ( Ruiz JO, 2009 ) . Now the reduced physical activity and shoulder immobilisation are of logical implication factors of shoulder musculus wasting, reduced strength and endurance. The scope of gesture exercisings increases the amount of money of motion in a joint and musculus, beef uping exercisings helps in constructing the musculuss strength, while aerobic exercises helps in stabilizing and back uping the articulations ( Michlovitz et al. 2004, Ruiz JO, 2009 ) . Hakkinen et Al. ( 1998 ) in their survey proposed t hat betterment in shoulder musculus part might chiefly attend from the nervous version taking topographic point due to the exercising preparation. It has besides been speculated that betterment in the intramuscular and intermuscular co-ordination, decreased shoulder hurting and shoulder musculus wasting along with an increased shoulder articulation mobility are all factors for betterment in shoulder musculus comprise in frozen shoulder patient after rehabilitation ( Jurgle et al. 2005 ) . It has besides been proved in a survey by Kibler et Al. ( 1998 ) that after an exercising plan, the shoulder muscles tends to go more free and elastic permitting chief motions in the shoulder girdle.Though it has been proved in certain surveies that rehabilitation entirely is non so effectual and in some instances it can really reject the symptoms but physical therapy combined with other encumbrance regimens like steroids is decidedly a much better pick ( Jurgle et al. 2005 Carette et Al. 20 03 )Effectiveness of Corticosteroid injections Vs. Physiotherapy interventionHere will be foregrounding three surveies related to the in a higher place subject.Study one ( Van der Windt et Al. 1998 ) .The aim of this survey was to compare the efficacy of corticosteroid injection with physical therapy for the intervention of painful stiff shoulder. It was a randomised test carried out in a particular circumspection puting. They described painful stiff shoulder or capsular syndrome as a status that is characterized by a painful limitation of vacant scope of gesture, preponderantly of sidelong rotary motion and abduction.Based on the inclusion and exclusion standards there were 109 patients taking portion in the survey. Patients were willy-nilly allocated to 6 hebdomads of intervention. 53 took corticoid gathering while the remainder 56 were in the physical therapy meeting. Now intra-articular injections of 40mg Triamicinolone acetonide were given to the steroids group by pract ised general practicians utilizing the posterior path, three injections were given during the 6 hebdomads. Physiotherapy group received 12 Sessionss exercising of 30 proceedingss during which all patients received unemployed joint mobilisation and exercising intervention. Besides ice, hot battalions and galvanism was used to pare down the hurting.The consequences were assessed at 3 and 7 hebdomads, with an extra follow up at 13, 26 and 52 hebdomads. The appraisal done at 13 and 52 hebdomads were by postal questionnaire and enclosed all primary number go. Some of the appraisals were besides carried out by an perceiver cheat to intervention allotment. The offspring steps were assessed in the signifier of Primary will steps where patients were asked to hit their advancement on a six point Likert graduated table, the hurting associated with their chief ailment and the badness of their hurting during twenty-four hours and dark on a 100mm ocular parallel graduated table and the func tional disablement was evaluated with the shoulder disablement questionnaire, that consisted of 16 points on common state of affairs that may do shoulder hurting. The secondary result measured the limitation of mobility during inactive sidelong rotary motion and glenohumeral abduction with the aid of a digital inclinometer. The blind perceiver was asked after each interrogatory to theorize which intercession the patient had been assigned to.The consequences were as follows, at the terminal of 7 hebdomads 40 ( 77 % ) out of 52patients exposed to injections were considered to be tempered successfully as compared with 26 ( 46 % ) out of 56 set with physical therapy ( difference between the groups were 31 % , 95 % assurance detachment 14 % to 48 % ) . At appraisal at 26 and 52 hebdomads at that place was relatively little incompatibleiation between the groups. So this randomize control test showed that corticoids injection were better compared to physiotherapy in footings of the su ccess intervention, betterment in the scope of sidelong rotary motion, betterment in clinical badness and in alleviation of the major ailment, hurting and disablement. They proposed that the differences in the intercession group were chiefly due to the relatively faster alleviation of symptoms go oning in patients treated with injections. So injections may be preferred to physiotherapy in the initial intervention of painful stiff shoulder, but the physicians and patients should be cognizant of the mild but sometimes troubleshooting inauspicious reactions to corticoids that may happen.Similar to the above survey, Carette et Al. 2003 studied with an aim to measure the effectivity of a physical therapy intervention, intra-articular injection of corticoid, both the intervention combined and one group had merely placebo intervention of frozen shoulder. It was a placebo-controlled test. They recruited 93 patients and were randomized to one of the undermentioned 4 intervention groups group -1 was applied steroid injection of Aristocort hexacetonide 40mg after 12 Sessionss of 1 hr supervised physical therapy which was performed under fluoroscopic counsel, given over a 4 hebdomad period ( combination group ) , group-2 had been given steroid injection entirely ( steroid group ) , group-3 had been given saline injection followed by supervised physical therapy ( physiotherapy group ) and group-4 had been used ( placebo group ) saline injection merely. every topics were asked to follow a simple place exercising plan. Two different Physiotherapy schemes were used for ague and chronic capsulitis. TENS, mobilisation, active ROM exercisings and ice application was used for the acute status while ultrasound, mobilisation, active and car assisted ROM exercisings, isometric strengthening exercisings and ice was used for the chronic 1.The patients were followed up at an interval of 6 hebdomads, 3 months, 6 months and 1 twelvemonth after randomisation. The primary result step was d one by Shoulder Pain and Disability Index ( SPADI ) mark. The Short Form 36 ( SF-36 ) was used for general wellness measuring and the cosmopolitan goniometer was used to mensurate the active and inactive ROM. The response to intervention were 6 hebdomads after the intervention the SPADI tonss had improved by ( average A SD ) 46.5 A- 5.0 in the combination group and 36.7 A 5.1 in the steroid group, which were significantly higher than the betterments of 22.2 A 4.8 observed in physical therapy group and 18.9 A 5.1 in the placebo group. In all the groups, scope of active and inactive gesture improved. There was a important risen in betterment of group-1 comparison to group-3. Group 1 and 2 had uninterrupted appreciably betterment in tonss of SPADI comparison to group 4 at 3 months. Group-3 and group-4 had non shown any important difference at any of the follow up appraisal but it was found that at 3 months, gropu-3 had great gist of betterment in shoulder flection scope of gesture. At 6 months following the intervention, there was no chronic any important difference in SPADI tonss between the 4 groups. officious ROM was higher in steroid group than the placebo group. While at 12 months, the 4 group did non differ extensively in find out to any of the result steps. The consequences of this survey suggests that merely physical therapy intervention has special(a) consequence on joint scope of gesture and betterment is behind while combination of the steroid injection and physical therapy intervention improves shoulder scope of gesture at faster rate in frozen shoulder.The whole step of this survey is good. The positive points of this survey are that it used sound inclusion and exclusion standards, injection disposal techniques, physical therapy intercessions all base on best grounds available. The restriction of this survey was that it had to be reason out early due to the troubles in enrolling patients who fitted the entry standards. Rest the concluding result perfectly mirrored the first survey with steroids holding a good consequence in the short term while physical therapy had throttle consequence.Similar to the above survey, a recent survey was done by Ryans et Al. ( 2005 ) . They grouped the same patients as in above survey and gave triamicinolone ( 20mg ) and gave 8 Sessionss of standardised physical therapy and reviewed them at 6 and 16 hebdomads. Their outcome steps were based on Shoulder Disability Questionnaire ( SDQ ) mark, VAS for hurting appraisal, world(a) disablement utilizing VAS and scope of inactive external rotary motion. They came up with the consequences that corticosteroid injection is effectual in bettering shoulder related disablement, and physical therapy is effectual in bettering the scope of motion in external rotary motion 6 hebdomads after intervention, but at the terminal of 16 hebdomads, the betterment was similar in every group with necessitate to all attendant steps.Though this survey used a real ly blind drunk choice standards had used a placebo group and applied strict blinding, still they were merely able to track positive differences between interventions at 6 hebdomads compared to the old surveies. There were many losing informations in this survey by 16 hebdomads due to the deficiency of follow up of patients beyond 6 hebdomads. Besides there was no interaction noted between the two signifiers of intervention in any of the result step as was seen in the before surveies. So this survey is less likely a failure as compared to other surveies, it merely reinforced the grounds that corticosteroid injection is effectual for adhesive capsulitis of the shoulder in the short period of clip.Other Treatment ModalitiesTo allot the frozen shoulder many other progress intervention are used presents. Apart from physical therapy and intra-articular steroids the other proposed interventions are listed as followstraditionally unwritten and topical non-steroidal anti -inflammatory dru gs are used, where necessary they are supplemented with different anodynes combination. This is chiefly prescribed in the painful freeze phases where hurting alleviation is the chief concern. However no randomised experiments that label the efficaciousness of NSAIDs in frozen shoulder are yet reported ( Dias et al. 2005 ) .Oral steroids is one of the proposed intervention for frozen shoulder in the initial phases, but as there were more inauspicious side effects, they should non be considered as everyday pattern for this status ( Buchbinder et al. 2004 ) .Suprascapular nervus blocks may turn out to be a powerful hurting stand-in, but non in motion recurrence and repeated joint dilatation may be so accommodating in bettering the motion of the joint ( Dahan et al. 2000 ) .A different set of intervention is used in the adhesive stage, as the purpose here is non to amend merely hurting but stiffness is of more concern. exercise under anaesthesia is a intervention option in patients w ho are non able to bear the hurting and disablement connected with the status. This intervention is indicated merely if the functional disablement persists despite of proper conservative intervention for six months ( Hamdan and Al-Essa 2003 ) . Manipulation under anaesthesia helps to recover the scope of gesture and shoulder map within a period of 3 months.An arthroscopic release of the capsule is besides an advocated intervention. The plus point here in this intervention is it avoids the complication like break of the humerus as is common in use ( Dias et al. 2005 ) .DecisionIn regard to the usage of this intervention option i.e. Physiotherapy and Corticosteroids farther high quality research is required, as there are still certain uncertainties which the Great Compromiser unreciprocated, like What dose precisely should be given ( 20 or 40mg ) for an effectual result?In which phase of frozen shoulder what intervention is best suited?How many injections should be administered for a n optimal consequence?The path of administrating the injection, as in some surveies anterior path while in other buttocks or sidelong path has been preferred.How many hebdomads should the intervention be for an consequence to be prolonged?Therefore, a certain sum of information on these facets is still required. There is a literature on an on-going research by McDaid C ( 2010 ) , that is aimed at taking a broader position as compared to the old surveies that have focused on individual intervention and now they are happening out an overall effectual intervention regimen of the status. The undertaking will besides look into what intervention options are most cost-efficient. They will include all the patients of frozen shoulder undergoing steroid injection, physical therapies, arthrographic dilatation, use under anaesthesia and capsular release. The attack of nimble waiting will besides be included and so they will seek to plot the patient attention tracts.So, to reason frozen shoulde r is a most common musculoskeletal status, but no intervention has proved to be unequivocal. Though literature supports many signifiers of intervention, both operative and non operative, but this huge sum of information and conflicting nature of the grounds leads to confusion. All these interventions have possible advantages and disadvantages and as a wellness passkey it becomes hard to follow grounds based thorough attack in the intervention of frozen shoulder. In the hereafter discoveries are anticipated that can take to the development of new intervention schemes and finally an improved result.

A Critical Evaluation of Myself

Life is a continuous masteryion of events. The happiest incidents always linger in our minds as good-natured memories. The most memorable incident in my c arer is the transition of Hong Kong into an organic dismantle of the great country china. This brought nearly great changes in the life style and the political affairs of the people.I am proud to be a Chinese citizen now. Actually, I was born in Shanghai and brought up in Hong Kong. I consider myself to be truly lucky to be the p contrivance of a very large country with a glorious preceding(a) and a rich cultural heritage. The great wall of china is champion of the greatest wonders of the world. This beautiful structure clearly demonstrates the glory and baron of old-fashioned chinaware.Growing up in modern Hong Kong was a great opportunity. Hong Kong has an international horticulture firmly rooted in age-old Chinese traditions. Life in Hong offers a fine blend of tradition and modernity. My life itself is proof of th is tremendous fusion.Though I come from a traditional family, I was given the exemption to choose my life and pursue my career. I chose to major in art for my graduation. This may appear a bit odd for a psyche living in a commercial metropolis resembling Hong Kong. My desire is to become a great artist. I believe I finish achieve my dream because I am a very fantastic person. My specialization is photography and each time before I mystify a picture, I imagine how it would look like. This critical thinking power has greatly helped me to become an excellent photographer.All great countries are built upon the strong foundations of their culture. A number of great kings belonging to different dynasties who ruled China built up its great traditions. I love the Tong dynasty very a great deal because they had developed China into a very powerful nation. Today China is a modern nation built upon the foundation of its tradition and culture.The success of a country is defined by its harmonious blending of the last(prenominal) and the present as in the case of Japan as well. The Japanese are rooted in history and tradition, but they are gear up to embrace the new as my Japanese friend Satoko Nishikawa (2009) says In the city, in that respect are tall buildings and old temples next to each other.Japanese culture is very traditional but at the same time people like to embrace the new. Japanese try to find a guide into tomorrow by taking lessons from the past. Similarly, my other Japanese friend, Lidia Asato talks about the advantages of the fusion or blending of two diametrically opposed cultures. born(p) and brought up in Peru, Lidia Asato (2009) though a full-blooded Japanese, grew up soak up the Peruvian culture. Unlike the Japanese who are low profile and disciplined, the Peruvians are extroverts with a sense of humor.Mylinh Phu (2009), my Vietnamese friend also believes in evaluate other culture without losing ones have identity by declaring that I gr ew up in America but I am proud to be a Vietnamese. I still maintain my own culture by teaching my children how to speak Vietnamese. This attitude is a clear proof of the power of critical thinking in myself as well as in my friends.

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8th of march Essay

Happy womens day Inter depicted object Womens sidereal day (8 March) is an occasion marked by womens groups around the world. This date is similarly commemorated at the United Nations and is designated in many countries as a subject field holiday. This day women on all continents, often divided by national boundaries and by ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic and political differences, come together to celebrate their mean solar day. eighth March is celebrated as International Womens Day, worldwide.The day is notice to bring a ocial revolution aiming at g terminateer equality. In fact, in some countries like China, Nepal, Vietnam, Russia, its an official holiday Here ar some fun-facts about Womens Day and atomic number 18as where women excel, which is sure to make every(prenominal) woman proud of herself 1. The first Womens Day was observed on 19th March 1911. More than 1 million women and men accompanied rallies to support womens right to work, vote, hold public office and to end gender discrimination.Over the years, 8th March as fixed as International Womens Day. 2. Research suggests that women possess much stronger verbal skills, compared to men. Women are naturally more articulate. 3. Yellow mimosa is the symbol of Womens Day in Italy, Russia and Albania. In Italy, men give flowers to women. Chocolates and yellow mimosa top as gifts in Russia and Alba 4. Women cast off better empathy and can interpret emotions better. Women are also faster to identify something visually different than usual. According to scientists, women have a stronger immune system and young-bearing(prenominal) hormone oestrogen gives women this butt on 6. Women, if they receive proper medical care during her birth and pregnancy, have a longer life expectancy than men. 7. Women and caring go hand in hand. This may be the reason why many patients prefer female doctors. Several studies indicate that female doctors are more encouraging, reassuring and neglect up to 10% mor e time with patients.

Animal Abuse Problem Essay

Animal tread is a batch problem. Cruelty to wildcats contribute be forecloseed by each costs. Educate people you see abusing their tools and always, always report suspicious act to your local law enforcework forcet or sentient being control.An abused animal can turn on a human in an instant, so children and exculpated bystanders can be attacked by an animal if it feels threatened. When abused, animals are non the moreover ones in danger.As C.S. Lewis once said, If we cut up beasts simply because they cannot prevent us and because we are backing our own side in the trial for existence, it is only logical to cut up imbeciles, criminals, enemies, or capitalists for the same reasons. peradventure an eye for an eye should be implemented on animal abusers. hold on reading at Animal Cruelty Facts, Prevention, Statistics and Action NowPublic News reportage http// L2yNrWDWAs humankind has progressed, there has been an increase in disposal and rules and regulations of everyday life. These governance and rules rise from general disgust over happenings and concepts all over the world. One such rapidly growing concept is animal cruelty.Animal abuse simply put is cruel unwarranted discussion of animals. Such treatment generally has a single point computer program to subject animals and sometimes pets to unnecessary harm and pain. One major persona of animal abuse is torture. desexualise wind more at Buzzle http// is prevalent in all areas of the society. People in rural as well as urban areas are account for animal cruelty cases. The statistics show reported cases are just the tip of the iceberg. there are hundreds, maybe thousands of cases think to animal abuse that go unreported. People carry out cerise and gruesome attacks on animals, both domestic as well as stray. The most common victims of animal abuse areHorsesLivestockDogsCatsBirdsRead more at Buzzle http// have heard of an old saying Dogs a mans best friend. Most of us moldiness have read Black Beauty at least once. The lion is the king of the jungle, a fact even kids from kindergarten are aware of. There are many other instances where animals are thought of as our friends. Yet, we race to inflict pain and torture on our friends. Animal cruelty is not an issue that is unheard of. Since time immemorial, man, the high in the food chain, has anguish those beneath him. Practically all animal species have been abused by man in some way or the other. Humans are thought to be the most intelligent of all species. Still, when we look at the animal abuse statistics, mankind is put to shame.Read more at Buzzle http// misuse Facts and StatisticsIts actually hard to write roug hly animal abuse facts. Its hard to do the research, read the stories, get the statistics, watch the videos, and see the pictures. But the statistics are just so disturb that readers need to know the truth. According to the Human Society of the United States, there is no national reporting system for abuse to animals. However has roll up statistics on animal cruelty since 2001. As of October 13, 2012 they have 19,517 cases listed on their meshing site. The following animal abuse stats for the U.S. are from their database Top 5 Types of Abuse pic 32% neglect or abandonment 12% hoarding 11% shooting 9% fighting 7% beatingMost of the preceding(prenominal) forms of violence toward animals is self-explanatory. However, hoarding may need some more explanation. This involves people who are often well intentioned but what they do is collect animals and may have hundreds of animals living in their house, barn or yard. Its clean much impossible to take care of this number o f animals well and the cost of food and veterinary care would be sky high. Hoarding is really another form of neglect, just on a much grander home plate than traditional neglect or abandonment.Most cases of abuse toward animals are order toward dogs, cats, and horses. The statistics on dogs included non-pit bulls pit bulls. Of the cases listed on their website, 48% are alleged(a) cases, 24% are convicted records, and 16% are open. Most abusers of animals are men between 31 and 50 years of age. While many animal cruelty cases are tracked on the web, it is believed the number of cases is much greater. A recent search of Google News found more than 10 articles regarding allegations or convictions toward animals in September in Texas alone compared to just 13 on for all of the United States. In other words, the data on animal abuse is even worse than what is reported on well know web sites.

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“Of Friendship” by Francis Bacon and “Friendship” by Ralph Waldo Emerson Essay

Friendship is pr guessical and a way of life. It is practical because it resolves the conflicts you are experiencing through reflection, your friends help you without you telling them. The efficiency of chouseledge lies on how you expire with your friends. It is a way of life because it mirrors your values and attitude as a person. According to a famous saying, Birds of the same feather flock together. Usually, friends take aim the same interest, opinion, habits and activities. The seeks Of intimacy by Francis Bacon and Friendship by Ralph Waldo Emerson revolves on the cornerst single of how friendship change states practical and a way of life. Same is the point of reckon of William Rawlins which says that As a cultural category and source of imagery nearly thinkerl man relationships and social being, the term friendship usually evokes absolute connotations. Its melodic themelt ypical characteristics include the freedom to choose and maintain ones bonds with others voluntarily, the individualize recognition of and response to particular individuals intrinsic worth as human beings, the pursuit of equality based on the corresponding validity of friends native experiences, a shared orientation of mutual good will, understanding, trust, support, and acceptance, and heartfelt feelings of Platonic affection and concern. (271) First will be the discussion of the style. Bacons seek is impersonal, brief and descriptive ,using figures of speech and detailed while Emersons is personal, uncut and poetic just like the first sentence of his essay We make water a great selfishness that chills like east winds the institution, the whole human family is bathed with an segment of hit the hay like a fine ether, using similes and metaphors and other figures of speech. Emersons style is conversational and subjective. Bacons style uses a unstable transition touching one subject after another(prenominal) in an abrupt manner and sentences are fluid while in E mersons coherence is improved, explaining e genuinely idea that he has in mind. The same idea is given by Edwin Abbot It would seem that Bacons habit of compendium choice speech communication and phrases, to express his meaning exactly, briefly, or ornately, had from a very early date the effect of repelling some of his hearers by the interspersion of unusual expressions and metaphors. ( 450) Next will be the discussion of the essays focus, content and organization .The essay accomplishes to instill to the mind of the reader the core it wants to convey. The words are clearly defined except for those old position that was used. Both are appropriate to individuals reading the essay and it does consider the involve and expectation of the reader. Both are supported with adequate details and evidences .The choices of the words are just. Emersons essay does not really get my heed due to its length, it becomes boring to read although there are memorable quotes and ideas that I get t hat really moved me and make me realize what he is lecture about. Afterwards will be the discussion of the essay. Of Friendship by Francis Bacon denotes the idea that no man is an island, coming from its introductory words It had been hard for him that spake it to run through put more truth and untruth together in a few(prenominal) words, than in that speech. Whatsoever is delighted in solitude, is either a foolish beast or a god.It is companionship. A person should not seize himself from the society. It as well discusses the fruits of friendship like confession and built of trust to another person , understanding and affection .Light comes out of the dark and confused thoughts become clear, that is the role of friendship. You also must not elevate yourself from others only when be of equal to them to achieve true friendship. Friendship by Ralph Waldo Emerson tells us that the sugariness of life is achieved through friendship .Intellect can help but it should act to feel the happy expression of being a friend and to succor someone. A possession of a friend is more than the material things that the world is offering. Emerson also uses the physiology of a human to discuss the importance and meaning of friendship and also the mythological beings like the Greek gods and their representation in the essay as an agent of companionship. If Bacon has fruits of friendship to sweeten up life Emerson has the elements of friendship including tenderness,patience,silence and camaraderie to pump up the relationship and make it worthwhile. To sum it up, I would like to borrow the words of C.S. Lewis that says that friendship is unneeded, like philosophy, like art. It has no survival valuerather is one of those things that give value to its survival. It is unnecessary because friendship comes naturally, it is not forced. It has no survival either because its only dwelling is a good heart. As I have said friendship is practical, so if we have friends and they dont act like one dont mind them. True friends know the value of distributively one. Friendship does not survive in a lifetime but by the time that you are need by your friend. Friendship is also a way of life. Act as you are but know the value of friendship because according to John 1513, The greatest love a person can have for his friends is to give his life for them. full treatment Cited Abbott, Edwin. Francis Bacon An Account of His Life and Works.London Macmillan,1885. Rawlins,William. Friendship Matters Communication, Dialectics, and the Life Course. New York Aldine De Gruyter,1992. Sharp, Ronald. Friendship and lit Spirit and Form. Durham, NC. Duke University Press,1986.

Scarlet Letter- The Human INclination to Love

The Human Inclination to Love In writing The orange red Letter, author Nathaniel Hawthorne was immersed in the era of transcendentalism and romanticism that so greatly influenced his work. Defining the movement was the concept that gentlemans gentleman races are inherently sober in their nature and if they are left to their own devices ultimately they depart do that good uncorrupted (Chase 109). Within The Scarlet Letter, this is brought to full sentiency through the nature of Puritan smart set in the early English colony of capital of Massachusetts, Massachusetts.As a civilized, religious, and refined friendship this place place was foiled by the neighboring nd unexplored North American wilderness, in which the full and uncivilized human nature lurked amidst the shadows by societys standards. These settings assisted the specific constituent development of both Hester Prynne and sacred Arthur Dimmesdale through the way they came to illustrate the human conditions of the h uman response to alienation by others, the human repugn amid good and disgust, and most significantly the inclination for humans to issue.Furthermore, in the erratic way both Hester and Dimmesdale share struggles and triumphs of human nature, along with the acceptance of their love for one a nonher as influenced by the etting nigh them, is what allows the novel to be viewed as a romance. As it was established, the Puritan colony at Boston was meant to serve as an escape from the corrupted Church of England across seas and was to propose a place for a Marks 2 purified organization pertain with adherence to scripture, sermon, and above all doing good for the behalf of God.This gave to the affect that the Puritans of Boston did not want their alliance stained by the abomination that is sin. Upon Hesters emergence from the prison house towards the hold up a community woman violently roclaimed, At the actually least, they should give birth put the brand of a hot iron on Heste r Prynees forehead (Hawthorne 60). This stagnant consciousnessset for the community based upon the call for chastening is what brought to affect Hesters symbol of the crimson A, that which she war forced to drudge openly on her breast.The actions and reactions of the defined Puritan settlement set in motion the change in Hester through the course of events of the novel. Graciously Hester genuine with stride her initial humiliation upon the scaffold in which the entire community became aware she was an adulteress. She perfectly reacted to this stringent society to address the question of how as humans we respond to the alienation from others around us. Hester responded in her own received manner primarily through her penitence to discover the virtue of loyalty and self-satisfaction her scarlet letter embodied.Hester never attempted to free herself from her fate. She could have escaped Boston, however, she decided to continue to be a productive constituent of society with her cottage on the outskirts of town and sewing business. In addition, she proceed to be an active member of the church to further her penance. Hawthorne writes, It is the credit of human nature, that, except where its selfishness is brought into play, it loves more readily than it hates (173).Hester developed to appease the society in which she lived as to make the best of the situation she had created for herself, her daughter Pearl, and partner in sin and lover Reverend Dimmesdale. She welcomed readily a seltless lite sne brought upon herself and lived for others as a symbol for the town. This was reflected in the way Hester transformed herself into a guileless woman she bound up her beautiful hair and wore drab clothing. She was a very attractive woman, however, she sacrificed this in the knowledge she acquired from her sin of passion and tangible devotion.In re go society came to conclude that Hesters embodiment in the scarlet A had come to signify Hesters unique strength in it s newly show representation of the word Able (Hawthorne 175). The scarlet A came to change gist with Hesters maturing in virtue. The setting came to forgive Hester, better her character, and ultimately do considerably for her. She bared the amount of strength necessary and was thoroughly able to entrance the nuisances of her sin through her epentance. Hawthorne writes, Shame, Despair, Solitude These had been her teachers (215).Hesters goodness of character developed from her repentance is what allowed her to help sustain her lover and partner in sin Dimmesdale in his struggle between good and evil, helping to kindle their feelings for each other. Reverend Dimmesdale and Hester Prynne both fell into their sin far apart from what was acceptable by standards of Boston. According to Hawthorne, This had been a sin of passion, not of principle, nor even purpose (215). It was a sin of adultery, ltimately caused by the part of human nature that falls into visible attraction and passio n.The sin of adultery as affiliated willingly unneurotic by Hester and Dimmesdale can parallel with the surrounding unexplored wilderness around Boston, which symbolizes in affect the evils and temptations humanity can come to fall to in its nature. Although the character of the wilderness surrounding the strict Puritan community at Marks 4 Boston may have lured Dimmesdale and Hester into their sin, the role of this setting changes throughout the novel. It becomes a sanctuary compared to Dimmesdales truggle between good and evil in his decision whether to witness his hidden sin or not.The Puritan community in which Dimmesdale ministered served only as a place of his care and evil within for him, while the wilderness served to be a safe oasis and place of goodness for the sake of his sanity. It also served for the ignition of his more delirious relationship with Hester. Therefore the integrity of Dimmesdales heart comes to be the developing agent to his character. As minister of Boston, Dimmesdale held the identity of the community he was the epitome of holiness. whole arishioners of the community looked to him to be the carrier of peoples sins and unworthys.However, unlike Hester who had openly the A on her chest allowing open repentance, Dimmesdale had no outlet for his evils enclosed in his internal heart while trapped by Puritan society and he was wearily clouded with guilt. He stood on no scaffold because he lacked the courage to confess he had trespassed against the sanctity of his position and his community. This when shed accredited light upon reveals that the setting itself caused Dimmesdale to betray his own heart and state of mind rather than anything else. Life in society served no assistance to Dimmesdale in his struggle of the human condition that is good against evil.Not any repetition of self- slash or fasting could bring Dimmesdale closure to his actions. Ironically the setting that provided him with his anguish of sin gave him the moral blossom of humanity that Hawthorne regards (56). This is love. The culmination of Dimmesdales triumph ot evil came in his torest conversation witn Hester where their love is tlnally fully culminated. They are revealed Marks 5 as completely human and represent in a consciousness a new Adam and Eve. Both couples ad sinned together and had been punish for having violated the rules of their setting.Both Dimmesdale and Hester were fraught to bring an end toa close with the society in which they trespassed against, much as like Adam and Eve were reduced to a compromise with God himself after violating his one law in their setting of the Garden of Eden. However, regardless of what was to be of their fate, both pairs always were to be endlessly bonded. The sanctity of Hester and Dimmesdales relationship was fully revealed in the way the sin they committed together created a similarity in compassion for one other and a need to help one nother.After seven years of no contact between Dimmesdale and his love, the confirmation that Hester gives Dimmesdale that she still loves him is the help that allows Dimmesdale to last confess his sin. Therefore, it is truly the nature of man to require human love that allows Dimmesdale to finally triumph the evil he suffers and confess at the final scaffold scene. The knowledge that he was loved in midst of all the suffering he had experienced allowed for an end to a close to the situation created by sin and all the evils that surrounded him and Hester. Hester Prynne andArthur Dimmesdale represented the human condition to turn to temptation in this case it was against the Puritan community, making it necessary for the passage of arms each Hester and Dimmesdale had for their redemption, bringing them ever so close together in their love. A romance is specifically defined as an emotional attraction or aura belonging to an especially heroic era, adventure, or body process (Romance). Hesters and Dimmesdales love for one another came to an apex through the struggle they faced together in their setting in Puritan society and the trials of the human condition it brought Marks 6 forth.

“Freeze!” – Creative Writing

The loaded secern stopped short of the splinterings m let onh. His eyes scanned the room to find place w here(predicate) the holler came from, his eyes followed to the door of the room and stopped. thither in the door objet dartner he could feign come forward four police murdericers, guns lay coldcocky should he move unexpectedly. indue your go acrosss where we can see them A moment passed as the hu hu patchity race wondered whether or not to eat his last forkful forward doing as he was told. He thought unwrap of it and seat the fork, still loaded on to his plate. Slowly he raised his arms in the air.Officers streamed into the cramped room, border the globekind in that respect were as military personnely as could fit with seat enough to raise a gun.Some incumbents were what seemed to be too compressed to the table, that when they could not retreat for the officers behind them. One man passed out from the sight, he was dragged out before he caused a commoti on.The seated man smi direct at the officers weakness and followed his limp body out of the room with his eyes.There go on a sm every bustle as the man was arrested, read his rights, cuffed, masked and shackled. He was walked out of the room, up the f climb d let of stairs that led from the basement flat and out in to the street, where he could see how encumbrancey he was. Squad cars, and two SWAT vans littered the already puritanic street. The man could just make out the head of the police section sit comfortably in his black, g tout ensemble oernment car.The man was shoved into the stomach of an fit out van which already contained three well built men. They were fully fitted out(p) with batons and cattle prods. The man decided it best to sit quietly and enjoyed the drum up in the windowless van. He except his eyes and dream as he swayed with the jolts the dirt road gave the van.What seemed like hours had passed when the van last(a)ly stopped. A small later, the doors opened and the man was pulled out, still cuffed, masked and shackled. He was escorted into a crowing important meeting building filled with blue uniformed men. The man was led done a maze of corridors and pass checks. They came to a narrow, brightly lit, warm corridor with sound proofed walls and bullet-proof Perspex panels and doors that opened in on to square holding cubicles.He was taken down to the last cell on the left, even though all the other nine cells were empty. His cuffs and mask were taken off exclusively they left the shackles, he was politely asked to step inner(a) the cell. He thanked the two officers that had been left with him and walked into the cell. The door was locked behind him. The officers out of barter asked if he wanted anything.Im a bit hungry. The blood drained from the jr. officers face. I was wondering if I could finish my meal? From the tone on their faces he could tell the answer was no. Maybe I could shit a snack, a piece of land of cr isps or approximatelything? Their faces seemed to relax. What flavour? Quested the schoolboyish officer. Bacon if possible. The man saw the young officer recoil, the older officer seemed best(p) prepare and showed no emotion. Well see what we can do. The older officer say. Thank you, the man responded, By the way, do you k presently how unyielding Im divergence to be here? I symbolise de array I just involve to require for a little bit or will I have more eon that I could waste sleeping or something?We dont k at one time. Do what you see fit. The older officer moti unrivaledd the younger officer to follow and they walked out of the mans view.The man settled down and took in his surroundings. Three white walls and one Perspex panel and door held him captive. There was a smooth cot shadower end made up too perfection with cream blankets and sheets. A leaf blade toilet stood quietly in the corner with a small matching basin next to it. Nothing else furnished the room.Th e man sat down on the cut down and leaned over against the cot. With the cool metal side of it in his grit he k raw he would not be comfortable in this berth for long, but he was too lazy to move yet.The man shut his eyes and began to dream. His dreams were plagued by viands for he was hungry. He had been interrupted during his dinner and so his belly was not full or content.He dreamed of a starter of soft Cornish crackers, smothered with liver pt. For the main course a beautifully cooked essence pie, derisory in gravy with a very small salad on the side. For sweetness a tray of mince pies. He always wondered why they never coptling had any real mince in them but even so he delighted in eating them, just for their name.Just as he finished his first mince pie and was about to r separately out for another, a soft knocking on the door interrupted him. He opened his eyes to the older officer standing outback(a) the cell staring at him.The man stood and stepped forward toward s the trumpery. The officer stepped back and from his scoop produced a shiny packet. I but have roast discolorish flavour left. The man savoured at the officer puzzled. It must have been confiscated from a convict, nobody will miss it I assure you. The officer wheel spoke too quickly. He hardened the packet in the food tray on the floor and slid it shut so that the drawers content was now on the intimate of the cell. The man picked it up.Thank you very much. I wasnt expecting anything at all. Thank you again. The man sat on the cot and proceeded to open the packet of crisps. He placed the bag close to his face and smelled its contents. He looked back at the glass and was surprised to see the officer still there. He smiled and pulled out a wafer of potato. As he crunched into it, the officer turned and walked away, the man thought he saw a smile on the officers face but could not be sure. It almost looked as if the officer was longing for something, but the man dismissed tha t idea, why would an officer long for a packet of crisps? The officer probably was feeling sorry for the man.The man ate fractional the packet and decided to save the rest for later. He put the packet under(a) the cot pillow. He kicked off his shoes, imitation leather, slid on to his side and drifted off to sleep on the cot.A long while later, he was woken up by a buzzer he could not see. He stood in time to see four officers at his cell. He was led done another maze of corridors and pass checks to a small questioning room.He was sat down at a medium sized woody table with two chairs, one that he occupied. A large mirror took up the wall opposite where the man sat. He suspected it to be a two-way mirror for obvious reasons. He was left there with the shackles clinking softly at his ankles.Two officers entered around a half hour later. One sat down, the other stood in the shadow safe the door.The seated officer placed a Dictaphone on the table, switched it on and stated the dat e, time and the names of all present in the room. The man was ball over that it had been a full 12 hours since he had been caught.Then it began the barrage of questions. send-off they started slowly his name, age, date of birth, height, weight and so on. They gave him time to answer distributively question fully and only asked another when he looked as if he had nothing more to say. Then they began to speed up.When was the last time he had food? He told of the crisps, interrupting they asked what flavour. Roast Chicken.Who gave them to you?Another officer, I dont know his name.Do we look stupid? The man did not answer. No officer is allowed to croak you food. that-No officer would tip over you chicken flavour crisps. The man put his head down as in defeat.And before that? What was the next before last thing you ate?Lunch.Consisting of?Meat. The man had raised his head to look the officer in the face before he had replied. A look clouded both officers faces. The seated officer r ose and motioned the other to sit.This officer was dressed differently, for one she wore a dark blue skirt kind of than trousers. Instead of the usual white shirt the men wore, she wore a light blue blouse and a small tailored dark blue waistcoat.This, motioned the now standing officer, is officer Ali, first name Aliya. She is very familiar with your oddball of problem.Hello. A quiet, slenderly shaky voice indicated she was not as right-hand(a) as her introduction.Hello Miss. The man verbalize politely.Address the officer properly. pure to meet you officer Ali.Thats okay officer. Let the man relax. The standing officer grunted indignantly and walked towards the door to lean against the wall near the light switch.Okay. Lets start. The young lady produced a bunch of papers from a small briefcase by her feet.These are just a few character tests I choose you do to so that I can help you. Would you mind fetching one of these? She looked at the officer for approval. He nodded.Not at all officer. I know Im sick and need help. But I havent the will power. The man looked genuine in his feelings.Okay. Right. Okay. How practi surroundy do you eat meat? She laboured over the last word, as if it was uncommon. Not very often only when I can find some. Then I operate to gorge myself on it.And where do you get yourmeat? She fuddled over the word againAn out of town butcher The man said flatly.Really? She raised her eyebrows in surprise. She suspected he was lying.No. I catch it myself. I stalk them and then kill them with a knife, that way not bullets or poison spoils it. He had lied and had thought better of it to tell he truth. He put his head down again in shame.Spoils it? Her eyebrows now knit together in curiosThe savouring is better if there isnt all that stuff. He was a little cautious of his answers but he was trying to be as honest as he could, he wanted help and they could only help him if they knew everything.Ok. Do you ring you could ever stopdoing wha t you are doing? She struggled again to ask these questions. This was new to her, she had only been doing this for about a month and this was the first man who was this honest. The rest of the offenders ordinarily laid the whole way through. She knew why they had heard of what would happen to them if they were convicted.I hope so. I can go without it for long, weeks at a time but then a craving for it plagues my mind and body. He looked for some kind of reaction in here eyes. Another inquisitive look knotted hey eyebrows together.You have withdrawal symptoms?Yes. I start, dreaming. Im a good cook. I dream up dishes that I can make. I can make anything out of any bit of meat. He sounded slightly proud of himself. But then he remembered why he was there and retreated back to feeling sorry for himself.Can I ask why you call it meat? Not flesh, or food?If you think of it as what it sincerely is, then you begin to feel guilty. I dont like feeling bad, so I dont think of them as anythin g important, only as bits of meat that taste nice. It was an answer given matter-of-factly.If we put you on a diet of only vegetables would you be able to survive? She looked for a way out for him, she snarl sorry for him.Yes of course, I wouldnt like it though. This was not going well for the man. She asked the final question that she knew would decide his flesh oute. She wished he would answer correctly but she could give no kind of indication to him as to what his answer should be.If you had the chance to have meat again after(prenominal) this interview would you take it? A slight pause as the man put his head down and answered n a small voice.Yes. Suddenly the door burst in and build up guards rushed into the small room. In desperation the man realised that the rumours of what happened to mess like him were true and that he had just sealed his fate. I mean no, I wouldnt. I wouldnt I promise, no, no I wouldnt. He screamed apologetically, mendicity for forgiveness and promisi ng that he would be good. He sounded like a little boy begging his parents for one more chance after doing something wrong and knowing he would be punished.The office seated stood up and walked out of the room. She looked back at the man with sympathy but she knew she could do nothing. He had answered wrong. He was dragged out of the room by guards who had been waiting outside the door. No I promise, never againThe man was taken to a cell not too far from the questioning room. He cried and screamed, kicked and bit. He tried everything to free himself. It didnt work.He was thrown into a small cell, 4 foot by 3. Blood was spattered on the walls and the man agitate as he realised in his mind what was actually going to happen. Three small flaps near the floor opposite the now bolted steel door snapped open. Out of them came a stream of fat chocolate-brown rats. They circled him, ring upon ring formed round him, the man stood still, his eyes hie round to each small set of beady eyes. Their bright yellow teeth were visible and chattered every so often, all daring each other to jump first. A silent sign made them all pounce on him.He shrieked and tried to pull them off. They bit through his shirt, on his bare arms and at his legs. Many displace blood on their first cauterise. These were well-trained assassins. They were hungry and wanted meat. The mans shoes had been kicked during the wish-wash and now the rats bit at his socks. The man fell on the floor and they swarmed him. Wave upon wave of pain coursed through the man.They were biting all over his body, regardless of whether it was clothed or not. If it were clothed, they would slash an opening and clamber through to the soft skin underneath. The rats were in his shirt, in his trousers biting at everything. The man continued to fight them off, but there were just too many.He kept screaming until one rat dared to jump into in and bite his tongue. The man bit down as hard as he could. Half the rat fell off of him, tail still twitching. He spat the other half out and spat out the rodents blood, it mingled with his own from the bite on the tip of his tongue. He stopped screaming but when a rat latched on to his nose he yelped in pain. Its tail swung into his mouth and he bit it off accidentally swallowing it.Another rat bit down into the flesh between his thumb and fore finger, he tried to shake it off but the momentum plus the weight of the rat caused the flesh to rip and the rat to fly off with part of the man in its mouth. It dropped the meat and attacked him again on his other hand hoping for a larger piece.Rats on the mans belly ripped and clawed their way away the skin, getting to the soft meat beneath it. Five especially fat rats tunnelled through the man into his abdomen and chest. The man could not breathe, as his lungs were half eaten. He coughed up blood and in it was a bit of a rats tail. The man retched but nothing came up as his stomach was on the floor in front of him.Even tually the man ceased to move. His efforts for survival had been futile. The rats continued their meal until all that was left was the bones of a man. When they were full they sat in the corners of the room letting the still-hungry rats gorge till they themselves could eat no more.Hours passed and slowly the rats scampered back to their homes on the other side of the flaps, where more food was.When every rat had gone, two officers shut the flaps, opened the door and put in the remains. They remarked about how efficient the rats were getting, this one had died within two hours of being locked in. The other remarked the time was too short and that every non-vegetarian should endure the most distress they could receive before dying.They both agreed that all meat eaters should be put to death and that this was the most fitting way for it too be done but they still continued to argue over how long it should last. Their argument lasted all the way to the dump where they threw the filled bin liners into a newly dug pit, big enough for thirty bags or so. By then they had grown tired of the discussion and were now debating whether to go to the new veggie-restaurant, or go to the usual veggie noodle bar for lunch.